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Hand Over Fist Multi Activity Team Event

Provided by Dan Symons

 ‘Hand Over Fist’ is a maritime term relating to a climbing rope, now assimilated to the speed and quantity in which one can make financial gains. A series of intellectual, physical, and ‘sporting’ challenges will be laid on for you, some will be against the clock, others team against team. They will be deliberately disruptive and push team spirit, patience, and individual mental endurance. Some will be easier than others, some will be based on pure luck. 

The idea is to bond the teams and test their ability to work together in environments they are not necessarily used to. We have successfully undertaken this type of high energy event many times and it is a superb way to bring commercial decision making and leadership communication to the fore.


  • Duration: 7 Hours
  • Min. Participants: 12
  • Languages: 112
  • Max. participants: 60


Additional Charge

  • Served lunch: 25 (Per Event)


  • Challenge & Games
  • Team building


  • Communication
  • Creating Team Culture
  • Creativity
  • Fun
  • Get to Know Each Other
  • Leadership
  • Learning Together
  • Out of Comfort Zone
  • People Management
  • Problem solving

What to Expect

  • What to expect
  • You are divided into six carefully chosen competitive teams. We will create a specific 'currency' for the event (fun money, basically), and the more successful your team is, the more cash you collect. Every single thing you do has a monetary value and the winning group will be the most successful team at the Winners Audit which concludes the event.
    You may do black market trading to undermine other teams if you wish. What the market doesn't see the market doesn't know.
    The team selection is absolutely vital for this as a varied skill set will be required in each team.
  • What's included
  • Full event management service
    Tea and coffee
    All materials are provided
    Buffet lunch
    Winners medals
    Dinner can be added at extra cost at the client's discretion
  • What's not included
  • Transport to and from the location and an evening meal is an optional extra.


Provider is based in UK.


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