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Optimizing Wellbeing, Productivity & Performance in a Hybrid World of Work

Provided by Jarnhamn Linda

A series of three workshops to help you shape new, healthy, and high performing habits and norms. Habits which, backed up by neuroscience, can help individuals and teams alike to thrive; physically, mentally and cognitively.

The world of work has changed in unprecedented ways. The Pandemic triggered significant changes in previously well-established expectations and norms around how we work and live. The ongoing war, energy crisis and increasingly challenging economic conditions are likely to have further implications on how and where we work, some yet to be discovered.

Most companies have taken the macro-level decision around where they expect their people to work from and new working norms are now being firmly established. Some consciously planned, others unconsciously evolving.

In many cases, previously unhealthy work and life habits have simply been ‘’lifted and shifted’’ into the new world of work, impacting both brain health and performance negatively.

A large body of research has now provided evidence that common habits of being ”always on”, sitting still for long periods of time, frequent interruptions, multi-tasking, lack of purpose, trust and psychological safety impact wellbeing and cognitive performance negatively.

Now is therefore the time to take the opportunity to re-define ways of working. To consciously shape new habits and norms. Habits which, backed up by neuroscience, can help individuals and teams alike to thrive; physically, mentally and cognitively.

To do this, you need courage, courage to let go of old habits and believes.

Are you ready to get challenged?


  • Duration: 5 Hours
  • Min. Participants: 10
  • Languages: 112, 141
  • Max. participants: 100

Event Type

  • Provider can travel


Additional Charge

  • Travel: 0 (Per Event)
  • Accommodation: 0 (Per Event)


  • Culture
  • Wellbeing
  • Organizational Development


  • Relationships & Trust
  • Wellbeing
  • Working Remotely

What to Expect

  • Methodology, Outcomes & Deliverables
  • We will use the flow²thrive Way of Working Model as a neuroscience-based and holistic foundation for the workshop series. The model will help participants think about ways of working, core fundamentals and micro habits in a new, different way. The model goes to the core of the human brain; what makes it be and work well. With a fundamental shift from time to energy optimization, the model can serve as a starting point for questioning how you spend your time and energy, individually and across an entire organization. Included in the scope of work are the following activities and reports 1. One 4-hour Learning & Discovery Workshop (in person session) 2. Way of Working Diagnostic and Workshop Deep Dive Report 3. Preparation and summary of Team Action Workshops (digital session) 4. 1-hour ''Moving Forward'' workshop and recommendations (digital session) 5. Leader 1-2-1 wrap up and moving forward session
  • Session 1: Learning & Discovery Workshop
  • The first, highly interactive, Learning & Discovery Workshop (4 hours) would include: 1. Learning: Neuroscience of brain health & energy optimization 2. Way of Working diagnostic survey 3. Three Deep Dives (working sessions) across the Way of Working model A summary of the data collected through the WOW diagnostic survey and information and reflections collected during the deep dive sessions will be provided.
  • Session 2: Idea Generation Workshop
  • During the second workshop, teams will get together independently (without facilitator) to 1. Share individual insights and reflect on workshop 2. Suggest team specific actions and 3. Recommend potential function/organization wide initiatives / changes required Agenda, structure of meeting and templates to be used will be provided.
  • Session 3: Moving Forward Workshop
  • In the final workshop the entire group will get together to 1. Collectively look at function/organization wide recommendations provided by each team 2. Agree plan of action for Function/organization moving forward


Provider is based in Stockholm, Sweden.


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