Future Skills

Skills are the core currency for future talent management


In the modern workplace, the role of talent management is evolving. With organizations increasingly focused on developing employees' capabilities and ensuring they're able to deliver high-quality outcomes, there's much greater emphasis placed on identifying, measuring, and rewarding people based on what they bring to the table.

The concept of "job families" - the idea that certain jobs within an organization are more similar than others - is starting to fall out of favor. Instead, organizations are beginning to view themselves as a collection of individuals, each bringing their unique set of talents, experiences, and abilities to the table.

As such, it's important to think about how we define the workforce. Rather than focusing solely on job roles, it's becoming clear that skill sets are the primary way of understanding the makeup of our workforce. This is why skills are now seen as the key currency of talent management.


Why are Future Skills Important?

Future skills are essential to succeed in today's job market. They provide a foundation for learning new things, adapting to change, and staying relevant throughout one's career.

No matter what career you may choose, it's important to develop and enhance these skills. Having them can increase your success, help improve your career prospects, and open up opportunities for advancement.

Here are some examples of how future skills could benefit you:

  • Adaptability – You might want to learn something completely different or maybe you'd like to explore a skill that's related to your current work.
  • Career Changes & New Environments – If you're changing careers, you'll likely need to develop new skills to keep pace with industry trends.
  • Advancement Opportunities – As technology continues to evolve, new positions often arise that require specific skills.


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