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Radical Collaboration

Provided by Severin von Hünerbein

Radical Collaboration® is a methodology for building high-trust relationships in order to improve efficiency, productivity, innovation and agility. This workshop is particularly beneficial for people who want to create a highly collaborative working environment and who want to solve problems that arise in workplaces where different interests and opinions may create conflict.

Often workplaces lack sufficient collaboration skills which wastes time and resources. They are less creative, have higher employee turnover, lower trust, longer lead times and lower employee satisfaction. With the knowledge gained at our Radical Collaboration workshop your working culture will become highly collaborative, by creating a high trust environment with mutual support, cooperation, healthy risk taking, honesty and openness.

It builds on five essential collaborative skills:

  • Collaborative intention – Stay non-defensive and commit to mutual success in relationships.
  • Openness – Create a climate of honesty and openness that allows people to feel safe enough to discuss difficult issues.
  • Self-Accountability – Take responsibility for the consequences of your actions, both intended and unintended.
    Awareness of Self and Others – Know yourself and others well enough to explore difficult interpersonal issues to solve problems.
  • Problem-Solving and Negotiation – Negotiate your way through inevitable conflicts, in a way that builds relationships rather than undermining them.


  • Duration: 24 Hours
  • Min. Participants: 6
  • Languages: 112, 115
  • Max. participants: 14

Event Type

  • This service can be delivered virtually
  • Provider can travel


  • Price per Person: 1500
  • Cancelation: Strict
  • Price per Group: 15000
  • Group size: 15000 for up to 12 participants

Additional Charge

  • Certified workbooks: 150 (Per Person)


  • Culture
  • Future Skills
  • Organizational Development


  • Collaboration
  • Conflict Management
  • Coping with Emotions

What to Expect

  • Radical Collaboration
  • In a three-day programme of professional and personal development, the Radical Collaboration® training teaches how to skillfully navigate conflicts and turn adversarial situations into situations of trust and collaboration. The training provides guidance through a variety of teaching strategies such as brief lectures, interactive exercises, guided imagery, self-assessment checklists, small group planning sessions, and individualized action planning. The participants will learn how subtle differences in their fundamental approach to problem-solving can support their collaborative efforts.


Provider is based in St. Gallen, Schweiz.


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