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Career & Leadership certified Coach and Trainer, Personal Branding Strategist ¦ Career Reinvention, Evolution & Ethical Leadership
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As a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach and Personal Branding Strategist I am active in the fields of leadership, personal branding and career development since more than 19 years.

My mandates lead me to intervene in various sectors (public and private, consumer goods, industries, pharma, biotech, hospitals, Non-Profits, NGO ...) and at different levels in the organization. Working in French and English, I guide and support Executives, Managers and entrepreneurs to develop their leadership skills and mindset, so they can have the impact and contribution to which they aspire.

What motivates me is to inspire, reveal and mobilize the potential and talents of my clients, helping them design meaningful careers, develop powerful interpersonal skills, and unleash an authentic leadership style that allows them to have the positive impact they aim at. These last years have also led me to specialize in Feminine Leadership to support talented women thrive.

After a Master’s in Economics & Social Sciences and a degree in International Management, I have worked for 10 years as Buyer and Sales Manager in Retailing, quite a challenging and competitive environment. When the need for a career shift nocked at my door, moving to Corporate Training became an obvious choice aligned with my core competencies and aspirations. I design and facilitate workshops in the fields of Interpersonal Skills, Emotional Intelligence and Leadership, as well as I deliver coaching programs for managers and executives.

Mywillingness to explore and deeply understand what it takes to create meaningful careers, develop constructive professional relationships, effective communication skills and self-confidence leads me to get trained in Transactional Analysis and certified in Co-Active Coaching, Personal Branding and Women’s Leadership coaching, amongst other professional development courses.

Thanks to my international background, having lived in different countries in Africa and Asia, I can say I have a savvy understanding of multiculturality and diversity.

I created Unique Pathways sàrl in 2016 to develop and offer to companies and individuals my unique experience  and innovative approach in the field of career and leadership development, an approach that responds to the new paradigm and emerging issues in the corporate world.


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Qualifications and certifications

CPCC Certified Professional Co-Actif Coach May 2014 - Dec 2029 Co-Active Training Institute

PCC Professional Certified Coach ICF Nov 2019 - Dec 2024 International Coaching Federation

Certified Personal Branding Strategist (CPBS) Jan 2014 - Dec 2029 Reach Personal Branding

Trusted EmployAgility® Coach Mar 2021 - Dec 2029 Conscha GmbH

Certified Women's Coach, Leadership for Women Aug 2017 - Dec 2029 One of Many UK

MBTI Practitionor May 2006 - Dec 2029 OPP

Flow & Performance Consultant Jan 2013 - Dec 2029 Talent Dynamics

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