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Workplace Culture


Culture is defined as "the sum total of the norms, rules, customs, and traditions of a group." However, because culture is such a broad term, defining what exactly constitutes workplace culture is challenging.

Organizational culture is the set of beliefs, values, customs, traditions, ethics, and behaviors shared within an organization. A healthy organizational culture supports employee motivation, productivity, innovation, creativity, and satisfaction. Conversely, a toxic organizational culture creates stress and anxiety among employees, resulting in disengagement and turnover. In today's fast-paced environment, organizations must work harder than ever to attract and retain talented workers. To do so, companies must develop a strong corporate culture.

A company’s workplace culture is defined by its employees' perceptions. This includes how people treat each other, what they value most, and how they interact with customers. Great company culture creates a sense of belonging, meaning, purpose, and trust. 

Workplace culture is the unique way that an organization lives out its company mission and delivers on its brand promises to customers. It is a special way that you attract customers, retain employees and turn them into loyal brand advocates. It is also how you attract highly talented people, turning them into brand ambassadors. In short, culture is the unique way you live out your brand promise.


Why Company Culture Is Important

Companies with a strong workplace culture outperform competitors because their people are aligned around a common purpose and value system. A strong culture creates a sense of belonging among team members and fosters collaboration, innovation, and high levels of employee satisfaction. Companies with high levels of employee satisfaction are nearly twice as likely to outperform their peers over the long term. Organizations with cultures that encourage innovation, transparency, teamwork, trust, and respect tend to outperform competitors on key measures such as customer loyalty and profitability.

Companies with strong workplace cultures see a 4x increase in sales growth over those without a strong workplace culture. So, if you want to build a successful company, you must focus on creating a great company culture.


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