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Design Your Ideal Workday

Provided by Prototype You

Our solution for getting energized employees, connection within the team and a fun and inspiring session.

Your employees will end up with a design of their ideal workday and a concrete action plan to work towards it with support from a buddy!

How do I do my best work?

That used to be clear. We worked in the office during office hours. But the world of work is changing fast. With technological innovations, we can now work anytime anywhere. The line between work and private life is blurring. Where, when, how, for how long and with whom we work is all changing. That makes the question ‘how do I do my best work’ way more difficult than it used to be…

Design your ideal working day.

In our workshop, we let your people figure out how they should design their workday. We guide them through a series of assignments in which they create a prototype of their ideal workday based on their wishes and needs. This journey consists:

  • of small experiments,
  • moments of positive reflection
  • support from colleagues.
  • Explore a realistic ideal image of your workday
  • Map the differences with the current situation
  • A concrete action plan to actively make that ideal workday a reality

This workshop can also be booked for a group up to 20 people. Between 12-20 participants the price will be €2000,-

Are you looking for ways to make more impact? On the individual but also team level? Check out our program for work experience design: Prototype Your Work Experience

About Prototype You

We put employees permanently in motion with small experiments, recurring moments of positive reflection and support from colleagues. During this journey we work from ownership, intrinsic motivation and trust.

That’s how we contribute to happy employees, connected teams and an attractive high-performing organisation


  • Duration: 2 Hours
  • Min. Participants: 2
  • Languages:
  • Max. participants: 20

Event Type

  • This service can be delivered virtually
  • Provider can travel


Additional Charge

  • For 13-20 people: 500 (Per Event)


  • Future Skills
  • Wellbeing
  • Organizational Development


  • Creating Team Culture
  • Fun
  • Productivity

What to Expect

  • Focused Action Plan to work towards your ideal workday
  • One promise that we keep no matter what: we are action-oriented! With high energy, speed and short time boxes you work from your intuition to get to a concrete result. At the end of the workshop you, as a participant or team, have a design of your ideal workday and a focused action plan with which you can take concrete steps towards your ideal workday. Our style? Practical, personal and fun. On location, or in our online workshop space. There is a lot of interaction between employees, we share best practices and send inspiring tips afterwards. A buddy system provides extra commitment and support. This way, your employees really get moving towards their ideal workday!


Provider is based in The Hague, Netherlands.


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