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passion led us here

Turn your passion into great team offering that can bring you income

passion led us herePassion led us here

Have you ever thought of turning your hobby into a valuable activity for others and an income for you?

Do you have a passion in life, a hobby and sometimes wonder – how would it be to have more time for it? How would it be to share it with others? What would it be to share it beyond my friends and family? What would it take to make some money out of it? Do you want to turn your passion into something others can benefit from? How about a great team experience offering?

Many talents out there…

There are many people out there with talents but hardly few decide to make something bigger out of it.
We came across a number of talented people … a colleague who loves baking cakes, and these cakes are not only delicious, they are also masterpieces. She is always the one baking for colleagues’ birthdays, team celebrations. Somebody who loves cooking and nutrition and enjoys sharing her knowledge and expertise with others. A friend with good eye for photography, who became so good at capturing the beauty of nature and people, he started running courses about it. Some of them have already started creating their own business out of it, became self-employed, others may have started having a side income from their skills and others are just dreaming about getting out there and turning their talent into an income.

It’s not only about money

And we believe it’s not only about money. It’s about living a life with a purpose, doing what you love every day and sharing the knowledge, skill or passion with others. In the Forbes article J.D. Roth provided a very simple but powerful formula for people who want to start making money out of their passion…

Passion + Usefulness = Value

source: http://www.forbes.com/sites/moneybuilder/2012/05/22/the-real-secret-to-making-money-by-following-your-passion/2/#46d39eb874ab

So if you combine your own talent, share it with others by making it useful for them – you will start bringing value to yourself and others. And in today’s world, where shared economy and ability to communicate easily and quickly online are a given, this has become very accessible to anyone.

WeWent’s formula for turning passion into income

At WeWent, coming across many talented people we realized we can help them. All it takes is a motivation to turn a passion into a group activity. Let’s say – cooking. One can list their offer – a cooking workshop on https://wewent.com/. It takes around 15-30 minutes of providing detailed description, deciding on the price per person, setting your calendar and to finish off – adding images or videos that will best summarize your event. It’s so simple and can actually bring you some joy too! Through WeWent you will be able to market to many new potential bookers, get out there with your talent, create unique connections and bring the joy of togetherness to others! 

Check out a couple of talented individuals who are listing with us and become one of them! Turn your passion into a great team experience!