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Optimize Performance Through Mindfulness Techniques

Mindful Brain: The key to handling work stress.

Work-related stress is something we all want to avoid. When we feel stressed, we feel stuck. We are unable to move forward, make wise decisions and contribute less. More often than not, the challenge is how equipped the corporate world is in making sure it’s recognized and addressed in the workplace.

There’s a lot of new technology nowadays to improve productivity, efficiency and help deal with these situations.  Yet there is nothing more meaningful than making a deliberate effort to bring balance through simple means.
Ela Amarie, a Senior Mindfulness Trainer and Coach, inspires us to optimize performance through mindfulness techniques.

Ela’s background is in Psychology and has years of professional experience in the corporate world. Since creating her own company, she worked with numerous individuals and organizations, advising them on how to use mindfulness techniques to optimize performance and improve their mental and emotional wellbeing.
Read on to find out what this is all about, its purpose and why we believe in its potential to change lives.

Why do you do what you do?

Because of the benefits that she noticed in her own life, Ela Amarie felt compelled to share her experience and knowledge of mindfulness. In the same way, we work our body to stay fit and healthy, we can also train our mind. By doing so, we can take full advantage of our mental resources. We can remain balanced, focused, resilient and effective in the midst of our daily life

What it’s designed for

For many of us, our average day at work consists of constant change and uncertainty. It’s an overload of information, disturbing thoughts and emotions. All this leads to a permanent sense of exhaustion.

With our complex, dynamic and fast-paced life, we need new skills and tools that can help us not only to cope with our reality but to thrive and be at our best. Scientific research tells us that we have the tools to reduce stress and anxiety increasing wellbeing and happiness.

Mindful Brain workshops and events are designed to address these challenges. The aim is to equip people with tools and strategies to better manage themselves. Encompassing their thoughts, emotions, stress to improve their interpersonal relationships.

Mindful Brain is different because…

  • All programs are highly interactive experiential and practical. The programs include one-on-one and group conversations, listening exercises, attention-training practices, and the effects of mindfulness meditations.
  • All programs take a science-based approach. They offer rigorous scientific insights about the human brain, alongside reflection and experiential mindfulness practices.
  • At Mindful Brain, we use the latest scientific knowledge to create offerings that improve the overactive modern mind, infused with a contemporary perspective so that our programs are relatable and real.

Typical and not-so-typical challenges Mindful Brain can solve

Mindful Brain events can assist you with:

  • Increasing well-being and resilience
  • Optimizing performance and develop attentional skills
  • Reducing burnout and stress-related conditions
  • Increasing retention and employee’s engagement
  • Increasing strong collaboration and effective leadership
  • Developing self-awareness and empathy
  • Increasing creativity and innovation

Unforgettable moment

During a practice of mindfulness training program for a team of High Potentials Young Leaders, the feedback from the participants was impressive. The young leaders shared that the mindfulness training program not only helped them to develop mental competencies but also to think more clearly and make the right decisions. Furthermore, they added it helped them focus more and stress less. More importantly, they also said it helped them to become better human beings: more compassionate and aware of other’s emotions and perspectives.

Mindful Brain’s measure of effectiveness

Together with the client, they design a pre/post survey that can measure the impact of the program on various indicators: engagement, focus, productivity, stress and well-being, communicating effectively.

What can the people/group that book your event, expect to get?

Mindful Brain events explore topics such as :

  • Mindfulness as a foundational skill for self-awareness and self-management
  • Emotional Intelligence – learning to manage emotions and to develop resilience
  • Leadership skills: decision making, communicating effectively, using mindfulness tools
  • Neuroscience: learning about the science underpinning why mindfulness works and how to make use of the latest discoveries and scientific research about the human brain
  • Practical exercises and specific workplace applications of mindfulness

If you find the article useful, let us know in the comments and book Ela Amarie’s Mindful Self-Compassion Workshop event! We highly recommend it.  Check it out now and see the wonders it can do for your team.