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What’s the Secret to Happy Teams?

What’s the Secret to Happy Teams?The workplace is where you spend most of your days. Deadlines, deliverables, complexity…  can have an impact on us. But do we have an understanding of the impact that everyone’s attitude has on the work environment, the motivation and our health?

More often than not, the workplace can get stressful and staff morale can get low. If people are more aware of their behaviour and how it affects their colleagues, work environment problems can be prevented. 

This is what drove Aurelie, Chief Happiness Officer, to establish her company with the mission to bring more happiness to employees. 

“I noticed a lack of awareness, knowledge and action plans in companies about the importance of being happy at work to bring more performance. I decided to take action, focus on my strengths and turn frustrations into more happiness at work.”

Through her experiences as an employee, Aurelie vows to spread awareness on how happiness can be achieved while at work.  She underwent tutelage of renowned experts in the field to become a certified Chief Happiness Officer in 2017.  Through her knowledge and passion on the topic, she helps teams realize they can achieve better performance at work if they are happy with what they do.

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Originally from the south of France, married and mother of 2, Aurelie has lived in Switzerland for more than 10 years after having lived and worked in various positions in France, UK and Canada.
Being a Chief Happiness Officer and a company founder, she helps leaders and teams implementing a strategy where the employees’ happiness is part of the company’s culture. We talked to her to understand what’s the secret to happy teams.

Happiness and Productivity

The overall wellbeing of an employee has a huge impact on their productivity and the quality of their work. Aurelie’s goal is to spread awareness on the connection between happiness and productivity.  She believes that companies’ core should include strategies to keep their employees happy.  

She aims to utilize informative, interactive, and inspirational ways to help improve the environment, address employee motivation and enhance trust within teams. Aurelie says that in order to feel happy, one must understand the basics. Also, to be inspired and motivated. 

Sometimes our stress towards an upcoming deadline can make us cranky. It releases that negative energy towards an unsuspecting colleague who was just about to ask if you wanted to have some coffee.

That is why attendees are taught about empathy and trustful communication during such situations. The key attitude here is putting yourself in other people’s shoes. Not only does this allow you to understand one another better but also bring happiness and unity in the workplace.

It’s in the team’s hands

Those who attend the workshop leave with all sorts of information they can practice in their office settings. However, one size does not fit all. Happiness and productivity are not black and white. What works for one person may not work for another this is why attendees are guided towards figuring out a strategy that works for their team. 

Aurelie shared with us a real example of working with one of her clients. Before the workshop, there were lots of miscommunication and a lack of trust between the attendees. But throughout the process, they were able to understand one another and talk about the situation in a professional way. Employees who are afraid to voice out their opinions were seen openly communicating with other people. Trust among each employee was built and even strengthened!

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Strategize for Happiness

What makes Aurelie’s offer different, is that the attendees are given science-based knowledge on how to improve happiness in the work setting. There are no pre-written rules or guides that they must follow but the interactive way Aurelie’s workshops are lead enhances trustful and open-minded exchange within the group. They have to work as a team to address certain issues and strategize on how to work efficiently. All the while still submitting quality outputs. 

Unlike some team building activities, seminars, or workshops, the one done by Aurelie provides flexibility. Attendees can choose to have it for 1 hour and 30 minutes, half a day, or a full day with or without a longer period of follow-up. It is understandable that time is valuable and employees cannot stay away from their work for too long.  The workshop can also be customized according to the goals of the company and the needs and interests of the attendees.

Happiness at work starts on an individual level: if we all contribute to it, we will impact others in a positive way.

If you and your team need inspirational and hands-on support in your work environment, feel free to check out the workshop: HAPPINESS AT WORK? WHY & HOW?  and contact Aurelie for more.