Team Energy – Empowering from Within

Team Energy – Empowering from Within

We very often say how important it is to discuss the failures and successes of your team. What about celebrating those seemingly small yet crucial daily victories?
We sat down with Elizabeth to hear about how she supports teams to empower themselves from within, creating positive energy for positive changes.

The “Why” of it all

After a very successful career as a business leader in different businesses, Elisabeth felt it was time to build her own company.  The aim is to support people empowering them from within so that they can make positive changes to how they operate and move forward in both their personal and business goals.
How? By helping people and businesses create a higher purpose. Elisabeth is a  professional, accredited executive coach. She is highly experienced in systemic team coaching, consulting, mentoring and training of executives, leaders, senior managers and business owners.
Have you experienced yourself in a situation where you meet a team and feel positive energy coming from within? Elisabeth says that she did work and lead teams like this. And is now on a mission to helping other teams achieve that same level of empowerment for other teams.
Team Energy –  Empowering from Within
Elisabeth in action with her participants

The 4 Dimensions of the Energy

Energy in Action is a holistic approach that covers 4 dimensions: physical, mental, spiritual and emotional. It allows to tailor the workshop to the needs of the team and combine different coaching styles and methods. At the end of the workshop, you will have defined clear actions as a team to focus your energy on.

And from the workshop, participants can expect a broadened understanding of energy level within the team, surfacing insights and supporting clarity. Furthermore, the team will experience the impact of the energy status on themselves, team members and the group and
  • Create self-awareness and define resources to support themselves, the team and the group.
  • Gain awareness on the impact on their body and learn simple tools with immediate effect.
  • Learn how food influences their energy levels.
  • Define clear actions as a team on what to focus their energy on.
  • Have a lot of fun, exploring!

Team Energy in action, allows the team to discover their team purpose and improve collaboration. It enables the team to learn more about each other, develop collective leadership. It’s fascinating how a team’s body/mind/soul alignment can drive achievement of performance objectives. Finally, working together on understanding on how to remove energy blockades, apply simple but powerful actions to create team energy. Which consequently is very engaging and can be easily brought back to everyday ways of working of teams.

Team Energy –  Empowering from Within

Team Energy –  Empowering from Within
In preparation with other coaches for Energy in Action

The Workshop Format

Workshops are a perfect way to do team coaching. In workshops, you can create a safe space for the participants, which allows them to share their insights, triggers, motivations, learn new things through different approaches and gain new perspectives and awareness. Energy in Action as one part of the team coaching offer is unique in a way that it allows the teams to experience the impact their energy status has as an individual, as part of the team and to the outside world. Doing this together creates a new level of trust and understanding of each other and improves the level of energy you have in a team.

“I love to work with teams and unleash the collective wisdom and hence power that lays within every team,” says Elisabeth. 

Team Empowerment One Action at a Time

If the team commits to and achieves awareness during the workshop, it is agreed that every participant takes away ONE THING to do differently to support the team in future.
Finally, at the check-out, every single team member states a ONE to DO as of the next day. Something they plan to do differently. It’s very empowering to speak up in front of your team about your commitment. It really starts with one thing and sticking to it makes it achievable. Elisabeth said, that meeting her participants two months and again six Months after the workshop confirmed that they all were sticking to this agreed ONE THING to DO. And it changed the team relationship and energy enormously.

A holistic approach

Above all, Team Energy in Action is a fully holistic approach. It focuses on energy and the underlying challenges behind. Energy in Action is bringing together, Body, Mind and Soul in a very specific way, that starts by building personal awareness for every single team member. We apply an interactive and very energetic methodology with a lot of sharing, connecting, gaining insights and awareness as a team.
Team Energy –  Empowering from Within

3 Words of Uniqueness

In conclusion, Empower, Nurture, Energize are the three keywords that best describe what Elisabeth brings along. And we hope we made you hungry for trying out the team energy on your own team! Certainly, a hot topic where employees are looking for a more holistic approach to health and wellbeing.

Ready to try it out?

So if you are ready to try it out, is bookable on your wewent.com platform under  TEAM ENERGY IN ACTION.

And if you want to discover more, Elisbath also offers the Team Mosaic which is all about building successful teams to last. It aims to support you in defining and building your “Team picture”. Who you are as a team and what makes you unique. Knowing that will empower you to work further on how to best lead together. And how to be aligned as a team on what success means.