Celebrating International Women’s Day – You are good enough – Be the example.

Celebrating International Women’s Day – You are good enough – Be the example.

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Celebrating International Women’s Day – You are good enough – Be the example.
We Went is all about experience, human connection and female courage. To celebrate Women’s day, we would like to share with you a very special Ted Talk to inspire you on this day and that it deeply relates to our values here at WeWent.
The talk is called Teach Girls Bravery not Perfection by Reshma Saujani. Check it out!

The premise is that we raise our girls to be perfect instead of brave. We raise them to stay in their comfort zone and do only what they do best as oppose to taking a risk and launching themselves into new challenges.
Why did this talk strike our hearts? Because here at WeWent, we believe in human connection, in experiences and for that to happen, we need to take risks, to challenge ourselves, to believe that we can go further.
When Bilge and I founded our company, we had doubts, we struggled with where and how to start. Being a mother also presented it’s challenges and demanded incredible circus level juggling acts to combine with both work and entrepreneurship. Self-doubt, low confidence and questioning are we good enough was not an uncommon feeling, but we didn’t give up.
In today’s ever changing world, increasingly number of women are taking charge of their careers and lives. But there is still a lot to be done. And we all play a role it. The most important element to remember is We Are Good Enough and We can Be the Example.


We Went was founded by Us, Ola and Bilge, a mother and an aunt, wives, daughters, friends, entrepreneurs, driven women who had a dream and now fight hard to turn it into a reality.
Celebrating International Women’s Day – You are good enough – Be the example.

One of our proud moments – holding an award from Startup Weekend – May 2015 (Ola is 8 months pregnant).

On this International’s Women day, we would like our message to be : You are good enough! Be the example. Be the example to your daughter, to your niece, to women all around you by showing them that trying is ok. That taking that first step towards a goal is more important than doing it perfectly. That having the courage and bravery to step out of your comfort zone and allowing yourself to discover what you can do, what you can achieve, is more important than doing it perfectly. Science develops through trial and error, through countless frustrations. So do all ideas. Embrace frustration, the attempts, the rise and falls, because in the end that’s what will make you, YOU.
Teach bravery, live brave, take that step, and see where it leads you. Not just today, but always!
Wishing you all a happy International Women’s day!

What is your brave action of today?

Ola Potrykus, is the co-founder of, HR business partner and entrepreneur, passionate about bringing people together, through purposeful team & group events. A loving Mom and wife.