2 things you need to know about the Swiss Entrepreneurs Expo

2 things you need to know about the Swiss Entrepreneurs Expo

Impressions from the first Edition of Swiss Entrepreneurs Expo

Did you know that on November 4th, the Swiss Entrepreneurs Magazine hosted first ever Swiss Entrepreneurs Expo event in Zurich? If you have missed it, WeWent Team has a quick summary for you. Find out more about our impressions from this event. And a couple of reason why it may be worth to join in the future!

The hosts of the Expo described it as “…an event to promote entrepreneurship and provide every entrepreneur an opportunity to showcase and exhibit their start- up along with their products and services to the stakeholders including investors and the public. It’d also be a point for sharing ideas, learning and enriching through networking”. For us it was a fun event with some really good talks and opportunity to network.


As with every first, we joined full of curiosity and willingness to learn and connect. And we were not disappointed. The event had a long list of high quality speakers; and was really well moderated by Michelle Guiliano from Salt Consulting and Michelle Seaton. With 15 speakers on stage, the commitment of sharing ideas and learning got strongly emphasized.

We particularly enjoyed talks delivered by: RALPH SCHONENBACH talking about the power of robust networks; REGINALD BIEN-AIMÉ talking about dealing with and learning from failures; and NAOMÉ sharing her passion and tips on staying determined and focused. All in all the day was packed with content by entrepreneurs, coaches, leaders and influencers from the local entrepreneurial scene.

2 things you need to know about the Swiss Entrepreneurs Expo


Secondly, we had an opportunity to exhibit our team-building booking platform – WeWent. It allowed us to showcase our business, and also connect with fellow entrepreneurs. We left the event with new connections and opportunities for meaningful partnerships. The friendly atmosphere during the event allowed for opportunities to get to know, support and learn from each other. While networking can be a challenge for some, events like Swiss Entrepreneurs Expo facilitate getting to know and learning from each other.

Therefore, we wanted to congratulate to organizers for the first edition! And we are very happy to have participated. We are positive the event will get even better and attract more entrepreneurs from around Switzerland in the years to come.

In conclusion, we have one recommendation to make: plan time for breaks. It will allow attendees to recharge and connect more.
We encourage everyone to follow Swiss Entrepreneurs Magazine and Expo!

And lastly, here is our interview from the Expo