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Resilience & Wellbeing: Key to a Healthy Workplace

Trapped in the daily grind? You are not alone! Work-related stress can take a toll on one’s mental and physical well-being.  Poor leadership, stress, and pessimistic colleagues can drain the best in you.

As a matter of fact, 1 in 4 people in the United Kingdom is diagnosed with mental health problems every year.  Among the culprits?  You bet, toxic work life.

But worry not. There is a clear way to keep your sanity while you work, work, work.

Resilience is key

“I love supporting people to learn, to grow, to achieve more than they thought possible and build big relationships with their colleagues.”  – Sally

For many years, Sally worked as an HR manager for various global organizations. She saw firsthand how harsh work environments can be. This reality led her to discover that resilience is an important trait to survive and succeed.

With this in mind, she embarked on a special mission. She aimed to develop this trait in individuals, leaders and teams so they can make the most of their working world. By doing so, they can be mentally and emotionally strong. In effect, become the best version of themselves.

Resilience & Wellbeing: Key to a Healthy Workplace

An outgoing person at heart, Sally loves being around people. She likes to see them change in ways beyond their expectations. Her company, Sally Leese Associates, does just that.  They provide individual coaching and team workshops for businesses.  Each activity is carefully planned and executed.  Always aiming to spread awareness. Focusing on how pivotal this trait is in boosting self-worth and productivity.

Beyond enjoyable, life-changing

Expect the extraordinary when you join Sally’s team-building activities. Her events are a powerful combination of individual insights and coaching. The fun, engaging and thought provoking sessions will tap to your core – physically, mentally and emotionally. The activities are well-crafted. All having the healthy balance of support and challenge.  More importantly, sustainable benefits await in the long run.

Workplace Resilience And Well-being (WRAW)

WRAW is the world’s first psychometric tool and survey to measure resilience and its impact on well being in the workplace. 

Its foundation lies on five pillars  – Energy, Future Focus, Inner Drive, Flexible Thinking and Strong Relationships. All the activities take in these five pillars from start to finish.

Resilience & Wellbeing: Key to a Healthy Workplace


1-to-1 confidential coaching with the participants are conducted prior to the event.  Doing so creates a ‘safe space’ for individuals to learn about the five pillars. It also lets the participants realize how their current thoughts, actions and behavior support their well-being.  It allows them to reflect and explore what they can do differently to change the course of their lives.

Moreover, the tool is also used to facilitate various kinds of workshops for an individual, team or leadership in the organization.

Tailored just for you

Want to know what’s even more awesome? Activities are customized depending on the culture and goals of the organization.  Sally invests a lot of time and effort in tailoring the program to support the participant’s objectives. Their needs are prioritized and addressed creatively throughout the sessions.

How life-changing can it be?  Reviews from event participants are a testament to this. They emerge refreshed and empowered.  Their outlook and enthusiasm are renewed. Their commitment to start doing things differently is contagious.  This kind of mindset can lead to greater things, even many years after.

High-impact, guaranteed ROI

Organizations that invest on these activities demonstrate a clear message – they highly value the well-being of their people.  Long-term benefits include:

  • Gaining a robust measure of employee well-being and resilience
  • Being proactive and helping minimize the risk of employee well-being declining
  • Helping employees to identify personal strategies to habitually enable resilience and well-being
  • Understanding individual results and how they compare a ‘global workers’ norm group
  • Identifying key pressure points in the workplace
  • Targeting investment in well-being initiatives more effectively to gain maximum return
  • Nurturing and promoting a culture of well-being and healthy high performance

Above all, it’s what people do as a result of these activities that makes the entire experience worthwhile.  To measure the effectiveness of the event, Sally checks in with clients 6 1/2 months after to evaluate the changes.  By taking another test, team and personal improvements can be measured.

This might be the catalyst for change your organization has been needing all this time. Be inspired, challenged, and empowered. Learn more here and see how it can turn your life and business around!