Painting & Team Building : When Art brings people together

Painting Created at PaintEvents Studio during an eventPainting. Creating. Connecting. Discovering the artist within.

What happens when the passion for art, painting, and the love for human connection meet? The answer is PaintEvents!
Song Yu and Annette Preussner believe that painting is for everyone.
From the moment we met them we were captivated by their energy desire to the improve the world one brush stroke at a time.
We wanted to know from their own words how they do it, how it all started and, most importantly, the why!

Our spot light of the month goes to our partner PaintEvents, bringing Painting and Human Connection together!


What are Paint events? How was the concept born?

” We organize and promote just-for-fun painting sessions aimed at all levels. Social get-together rather than courses. we hold the events at local bars and restaurants – and, most recently, also at our own painting studio in Zürich Enge. We wanted to create a space for people to relax, sip a drink, do something with their hands. For a first time painter, a white canvas can be overwhelming. Sometimes, we suggest a painting and we guide the participants step by step through it, although people are always free to paint something different.”

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“How did it all start? Early 2016, we ran into the concept of painting sessions in bars and restaurants in Canada, where these type of events are quite popular. This brought painting back into our every-day life. We had to share and spread this experience here in Zürich. Last October, we had our first opportunity hosting a paint event in a yoga studio called Planet Yoga.”

What would you say is your Motto?

“Relax COLOR-fully! That’s our tagline!”

A future for PaintEvents ?

“We want to share the joy of painting. We want to encourage people who have never painted to try something new, as well as those who already enjoy painting. The vision, simply put, is to get people to spend quality time together through art. Our goal is to become a creative urban oasis with diverse offerings for team building and group events.

What can the people/groups, that book your events, expect to get?

“People can expect a colorful experience and a relaxing couple of hours away from the fast-paced daily live. They can expect to be both an actor and an observer, led by a host who is excited to share her enthusiasm about painting with the group! We can’t promise that everyone is going to love painting, but even those who don’t , can expect the satisfaction of having tried something new.”

How do you see the before/after effect of your event on the participants? Do you try to measure the impact the experience had?

“To be completely honest, usually we are quite busy in the beginning of the events, so I can’t say much about the before part. Needless to say, we pay great attention to the „after effect“ and I’m proud to say a lot of people look very happy after the events. After every event, we ask them via email about their experience with us. So far, feedback (online and at the events) has been great. Comments like „this is so relaxing..“ or „I can’t believe I just did this!“ make this job a very rewarding one. We also keep an eye on the come-back rate, which is more satisfying than we expected it to be! “

What would you say is your main concern/goal when you prepare to host a team building event?

“One of the biggest challenges and also goals in team events is to get people to let go of the need to perform. To our eyes, painting should be about being in the moment and spending quality time while creating something as a group. During events we, the hosts, don’t see ourselves as entertainers but rather as facilitator to let the group members explore a playing field that most of them have probably never experienced before.”

 Most unforgettable memory/moment that you experienced in a team a building/group event?

“We had a team of 11 people and every member was painting a piece of a puzzle (multi-part painting). Nobody knew exactly what she or he was doing which created some confused looks. After an hour, some of the participants were surprised that the time was up already with some not wanting to stop. As a last step, they were asked to put their paintings together to reveal the full picture (which was an artistic rendering of their project’s logo). This was a really exciting and rewarding moment for everyone.”

Painting & Team Building : When Art brings people togetherMeet Song and Annette from Paint Events

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