A team event with a purpose


Teams – the living organs of every organization

Teams are a key part of any organization. And teams are present everywhere. In every sector, industry. In corporations, institutions and NGOs. They are the living organs of any organization and they make that organization live and deliver. Last month we had a great pleasure to organize a team event in Zurich for a very special team; Globegarden Lilienthal Nursery. The team that works hard every day to provide care, education and fun to small children. The team that is ready every day to serve and care from 7 AM to 7PM. Once a year this team spends a full day together, learning, reviewing and planning for the months ahead. This was a great opportunity to provide them with a team workshop that had a purpose.

Not just for fun, but to learn too

And the purpose of this event was not only to step outside of their everyday environment, spend time together and bond but also learn something new that is on their agenda this year – the topic of Nutrition.


Learning from the expert

As a result of their 2019 focus, they chose to work with Connie. Our nutrition and cooking chef provider. Connie offers really interesting NUTRITION & COOKERY Classes on WeWent. She is a Chef, Nutritionist and a Mom. Her mission is to bring teams together and inspire them by growing their knowledge of nutrition, and the skills in the kitchen to go with it.

Connie prepared for Globegarden team a fun and educational team event. Designed to give the tools, knowledge and inspiration. To eat better and to inspire healthy eating too. Yes, engaging their pupils in healthy eating and snacking is a very important focus for the Lilienthal team.


They learnt about healthy food and prepared delicious meals and snacks for every day healthy habits. Some of them had a unique chance to learn about some new ingredients and prepare the food they were not familiar with.


The event ended up with a table decoration and tasting and sharing the food together.

And the Lilienthal Nursery Team was delighted with the results – check out their feedback:

“Our team had an impressive morning with a lot of input. Competent leadership and a professional supervision of the instructor.”

“Wir hatten als Team einen eindrücklichen Vormittag mit viel Input. Kompetente Führung und eine fachliche Betreuung der Kursleiterin. Immer wieder gerne.”

Ideas for you

If you would like to inspire your team too with nutrition and give them the confidence and skills they need to cook and feed wholesome and delicious foods, don’t miss out to book the event – link.

Connie’s events can also be modified to best suit your needs and provide a team building element. Here are some ideas for you:

  • Bootcamp Breakfast
    A team bootcamp style workout, followed by a healthy, energising breakfast prepared by Connie. Short Nutrition talk during breakfast followed by a fun nutrition team quiz (could also be lunch bootcamp)
  • Nutrition Cook-Off Challenge

    Teams compete in a nutrition-themed Masterchef style cooking challenge against the clock and each other. The challenge would include a fun nutrition knowledge quiz and 2-3 judging rounds of various dishes.