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#Coaches4Heroes – How WeWent Is Helping In Covid-19 & Beyond

#Coaches4Heroes – How WeWent Is Helping In Covid-19 & Beyond

#Coaches4Heroes – Announcing the new initiative with ICF Switzerland 

In these unprecedented times of global pandemic, healthcare professionals on the frontlines of the COVID19 crisis have put their own lives on the line to save the lives of others. They are our true Healthcare Heroes!

To support them in these challenging times and during the months that it will take to find a new “normal”, the International Coaching Federation Switzerland (ICFS) has joined forces with the WeWent platform to offer support in the form of pro bono coaching.

Today we would like to announce our partnership with ICF Switzerland and the Beta launch of the Coaches4Heroes project!

The ICF Switzerland Team of highly dedicated, experienced and fully credentialed coaches and WeWent are coming together. This is an opportunity to give back to those who give us their everything! 

Credible and Professional Support

Healthcare professionals are used to dealing with life and death. But the current pandemic has not only increased the workload to unmanageable levels but has also created a whole new set of challenges: from the daily fear for their own and their family’s health to witnessing patients dying in isolation, etc. 

Coaching people who are experiencing such a tremendous amount of physical, mental and emotional stress is not an easy task. Which is why the International Coaching Federation (ICF), the leading global organization have set high standards for this project. Most noteworthy they have brought an incredible network of trained coaching professionals. 

Why WeWent?

The reason why we joined this project was simple. We were looking for ideas on how to show our support, beyond clapping on our balconies. Our mission in this project is to enable a smooth connection between ICF Coaches and Healthcare Heroes through our platform.

In the #coaches4heroes context, WeWent’s platform is used to display each coach’s profile offering their free service to the healthcare providers.

Just on the first day of the project, we have 6 Coaches who have gone through the training, are certified and ready to support. With our quick onboarding guidelines and self-managed listing, process Coaches can quickly and easily present their profiles and how they can support.

#Coaches4Heroes – How WeWent Is Helping In Covid-19 & Beyond

To find the Project Coaches

  • Search for the keyword “Coaches4heroes” or
  • Use the filters on the search page by selecting the category “ICF Coaches for Heroes” and project-related objectives

We Need Your Help

Lastly, we would like to ask for your help.

If you are a healthcare professional dealing with the coronavirus crisis please make sure to visit www.coaches4heroes.com.

If you are not a healthcare professional on the frontlines of the COVID19 crisis, but you know someone who is, please help us reach them.

Above all please spread the word on social media! You can find our post here