Idea to Impact: Creating Value in the Workplace through Innovation Workshops

Idea to Impact: Creating Value in the Workplace through Innovation Workshops

Innovation workshops ideas can change the world. The great innovations and inventions we now know of must have all began as a light bulb moment, a Eureka experience. But these ideas would not have made history if not for the courage and passion of people who made them into reality.

Ideas have to materialize to create an impact. Otherwise, they are mere thoughts in a dream. So how do we awaken our minds to think big and awesome? How do we push ourselves to be dream-makers in our community or at the workplace?

The Entrepreneurial Mindset

We are delighted to introduce our new provider. A company providing innovation workshops and services to the corporate world, that believe creating a “start-up” culture and building a workforce with an Entrepreneurial Mindset are pillars to success.

“Our goal is to introduce and let teams experience the new entrepreneurial mindset in this fast-paced innovation era where not all of us needs to be entrepreneurs but all of us should be in entrepreneurial mindset – with flexibility, co-working, agility, digital and soft skills.”

Idea to Impact: Creating Value in the Workplace through Innovation Workshops

The founder, Ongun, knows this too well. He has a 15-year experience working in technical and marketing-related endeavours. Moreover, he has had his own share of failed and discontinued businesses in the past. As a result, today, he shares his life lessons, coining the concept of “idea-to-impact”. This means having the ability to come up with ideas and transform them into concrete projects. All in service of creating more value for the organization.

Hands-on experience about workshop innovation

Our featured provider conducts workshops and team building activities that aim to develop the soft skills and digital skills of their participants. For example, the tasks will hone them to become good decision-makers, highly resilient to challenges and receptive to learning. It tackles how to provide excellent service and customer satisfaction.

The other part of the innovation workshops focuses on digital skills, the MiniHackathons. It lasts for several hours and makes use of prototyping tools like 3D printers and circuit boards such as Arduino and Raspberry Pi cards. The former is a microcontroller for motors, character LCDs, sensors and the like while the latter is a microprocessor. Above all, these tools enable even the not-so-techy participants to create digital prototypes for product launches, business hacks and other projects to accelerate the business.

Employees are divided into teams to create a digital prototype from scratch. This activity creates teamwork as they need to strategize and cooperate with each other while under time pressure.

The workshops are not merely theoretical, they are based on real-life experiences. The output and results are undoubtedly applicable in the real world. One time there was a group who presented a prototype. Apart from surprising themselves, that they could create one, it eventually became a full-blown project that benefited the company.

Idea to Impact: Creating Value in the Workplace through Innovation Workshops

Transformation guaranteed

This provider has already been of service to many multinational companies and the testimonials are all highly positive. Participants rave about learning how to bring ideas quickly to life and how it has upgraded the way proposals are presented to the management team.  Moreover, the activities foster unity and camaraderie among colleagues. And even beyond work, participants find the workshops beneficial as well in their personal lives.

Lastly, regularly conducted surveys keep track of the effectiveness of their events. This is done in-house and through independent organizations. The survey assesses the trainer, the workshop content and the workshop business alignment. Proudly, the satisfaction rate is always 94% and above.

Live your dream. Become an intrapreneurial company 

Don’t let your ideas sleep in the corner of your mind. Allow yourself and your colleagues to explore and do the unthinkable. Go out and live your dream!

Lastly, we encourage you to click the links below for more information on how you and your team can be impact-makers.

Test, prototype, innovate together. Create an intrapreneurial spirit. Who knows? You might just be the next big thing!