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The way they look at the ‘Future of work’ is open, bright, and inclusive. We asked for their help to design together one of our key workshops this year. Throughout the process, the team really leaned into ‘co-creating’ with us, challenged our views when needed, and gracefully supported us in building a better understanding of our internal clients: A mix of pragmatism and creativity that significantly helped us advance our work as a global leadership communities team. Thank you for your energy and generosity.

Jodi Haenni & Laurianne Sembach, Leadership Development

Our whole team was super happy with the event and everything worked very well throughout the whole process from inquiry to event. Participants have been giving only positive feedback after the event. It was very easy to communicate with the WeWent team and all wishes were filled.

Jenni - Executive Assistant

Our whole team was super happy with the event and everything worked very well throughout the whole process from inquiry to event. Participants have been giving only positive feedback after the event. It was very easy to communicate with the WeWent team and all wishes were filled.

Booster Transform Fitness
Damien - CEO

Our team enjoyed the Workshop very much. The organizer, Aleksandra, did an excellent job with the planning of this event. She tailored everything exactly to the needs of our group which made this event a unique experience.

AbbVie Inc.
Jolanda - Congress Coordinator

WeWent’s team diagnostic helped us understand where we stand as a team, through the eyes of each member and with an analytical approach. We saw our strengths and weaknesses and received tips on how to improve certain things. Very helpful!

Manuele - CEO

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We are here to support you!

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We are here to support you!

  • Tired of mediocre training and old-school workshops?
  • No process for where to look for facilitators or coaches?
  • No clear plan for upskilling your workforce?
  • Lacking immediate human resources support?
  • L&D team is overwhelmed by never-ending requests?
  • Enough with the endless admin work?
  • In need of new formats and methodologies?
  • Eager to excite and motivate your employees?

For longer term solutions checkout monthly extended L&D support team to stay agile and innovative

We help your organization on two levels: Spark and Grow. These are designed to suit your varying needs, but the focus remains the same. Connect your business closer with the learning & development experts you need now. Here is how spark and grow differ.


For start-ups or small teams / for 2 users

Ask founders anything

  • Solve your most urgent People and Development challenges through coaching and consulting up to 3h/ month.
  • Accelerate change through shake up Me workplace!

The future of work platform:

  • Engage with other companies, with 260+ change makers
  • Access unique Shake Up The Workplace content

Receive 2 custom internal speaking events or upskilling workshops up to 2hrs/session when you sign up annually


For companies looking to extend their L&D team with complementary skills / for up to 10 users

All of spark +

Ask 200+ experts anything up to 5h / month

  • co-creating a learning roadmap, people strategy, learning intervention design, pitching L&D as a strategic priority, setting metrics, coordinating with experts, feedback on demand.

Connect to your dedicated account manager anytime

Get experts within 48 hours for your L&D needs + 10% discount + simplify procurement with one vendor

Avoid trial & error by matching with other companies/ startups academia who has done it before

Become a shaker with shake up the workplace! the future of work academy (soon)

Cofounders Bilge and Ola sharing the story of why Workplace Experts

  • Solution delivered virtually or face-to-face
  • Future skill workshops
  • Facilitation
  • Coaching

We also support you in designing YOUR CUSTOM workshops and events. This is where the power of the talent pool comes in. We help you curate innovation days, hackathons, or company learning events, as you can find experts on almost any topic you are looking for.

Want to Shake Up The Workplace with us?

Discover our Future of Work community

The way we work is changing drastically and fast. Shake up the Workplace’s mission is:

  • Hosting an inclusive ‘Future of Work’ Ecosystem, facilitating collaboration, experimentation, and co-creation.
  • Empowering people to take actions towards their desired Future of Work by using the ecosystem’s collective brain.
  • Our four dialogues center around: Culture, Learning, Well being and Workforce.

Did you know that Shake Up The Workplace was born as idea out of Workplace Experts and was kicked off in October 2020 as an Unconference in the beautiful Zurich Kunsthaus?

Want to Shake Up The Workplace with us?

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