What is new at WeWent platform

What is new with WeWent?

What is new with WeWent?

If you were wondering why we’ve been so silent keep reading and you will find out! We’re so excited about the news we have to share that hopefully will make up for last month’s silence! We will talk about our new features.

At WeWent we are committed to growing with you whether you are a provider or an organization while we have human at heart.

As much as excited, for the last few months, we have been ambitiously working on our brand new and homepage and we are proud to unveil the new event categories and objectives of our new feature updates. We are dedicated to helping organizations to find their exact business objective and book their purposeful events and workshops with esteemed providers as well as share content. To see the categories and objectives clearly please go to the search page and look under filters for a search experience.

Most importantly, drop by www.wewent.com to check out the new home page for yourselves! For any question or feedback, we will be at your service at [email protected]

What has changed for Providers?

WeWent is continuously improving to help organizations to find the right provider!

What’s new and better?

  • Launched a brand new home page
  • Redefined the Events’ Categories and Objectives on our search bar 
  • Light is on you: Improved your Listings to make your offers stand out
  • Travel icon: For the providers who are not solely based in one location and can travel within and outside the country we added a travel icon so that you can be booked from other cities and countries as well!

What do Wewent new features mean for you?


  • Have assigned the new Categories and Objectives to your Event according to our best knowledge of your offering.
  • Have edited your Listing to have a smooth read and convey the core to our Corporate Bookers.
  • Will continue to improve your Listing so this is not the end.

What actions a provider can take?

To ensure 100% accuracy, please take a look at your Listing and check if the Categories, Objectives, and Descriptions we have set, match your offer well. If not, adapt it accordingly. If yes, sit back, relax and enjoy your day.

Again, for any questions or feedback, we will be at your service at [email protected]