WeWent UK Journey

A beginning of a journey for WeWent in the UK

A beginning of a journey for WeWent in the UK

People say that the new starts always are difficult and challenging. You have to adapt to a new environment and get to know it. You should learn what’s happening around you. And you ou have to tackle anything that a new start brings into your way. On the other hand, it is an exciting journey since there is a lot to explore. It gives you a great opportunity to grow and advance. We heartedly believe in the power of going on new journeys in the services we offer, so why don’t we do the same? So we started our journey, WeWent’s journey in the UK.

A beginning of a journey for WeWent in the UK

How did we start?

It has been 3 months presence of WeWent in the UK become official. When we look back and see what we have achieved after our first announcement, there is a lot to be proud of and celebrate. And we are glad that we have done it.

Our journey has grown since we started thanks to our fellow companions, i.e. our providers. More than 30 fellow providers joined us on our experience to make this journey more meaningful, diverse, and substantive. They showed more than a variety of unique experiences to us, to the whole UK, and to Europe. Having them on board, we look at the future with more determination and confidence.

What do we offer for the teams and businesses?

So, what does currently WeWent offer in the UK for teams and businesses? We can say, anything you can name.
It can be a cooking event where your team can come, learn and cook together while bonding your team together. It can be a workshop on communication, learning, sales, resilience, or maybe nutrition. So you can learn and develop as a team. It can be an outdoor activity where you can go out from your office such as treasure hunt (even with Mini cars or indoor hunts) so you can learn to solve problems together. Can be a survival course to get your team out of comfort zone. Maybe a circus workshop to increase your team’s ability to collaborate and have fun at the same time.

Do you want some movement after a busy office day?

You can also go for a dance workshop where you get new moves. Maybe a music workshop where you can also create a song from scratch to cultivate the creativity within your team.

Maybe more of an event where technology steps in? Our providers offer you great fun VR team building experiences as well.

Feeling artistic? Well, you can choose from a graffiti workshop where you can spray a huge wall with your team in order to create a great picture, to a pottery lesson inside where you can create amazing pieces for your home or office.

Do not forget to take a look at our energisers, if you already have a plan for your company and thinking about what to do as ice-breakers. Most of our providers are mobile, thus can come to your venue or your city. Therefore, you do not need to worry if you do not have much time for travelling to the event, we got it covered for you! Each month, we bring you a featured provider by performing an interview with them. We already presented our first featured provider on our website and will be bringing you more throughout the year!

Where do we go?

While it is important to celebrate where we arrived at, it is also important to plan ahead to see where we want to go.

We are looking forward to continuing to see great growth of WeWent in the UK thanks to our providers and clients. We are looking for more people and organizations that are passionate about making an impact on teams. Who like to bring their passion to life and make a difference in businesses which would join us on our journey this year.

As the first stop of WeWent in the UK, we attended Learning Technologies 2019 in Excel, London on Feb 13-14th – check out here for more. We learned a lot as a team and met great people there. It was amazing to see how artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other technologies were implemented at learning and development activities within the businesses. This is an inevitable result since those technologies are a part of everything in our lives. What we also saw that it is still important to create chances for and maintain face-to-face activities within the organisation. Businesses are aware that the most important asset is the employees, thus they invest more to keep them happy and engaged. This is why we are proud again what we offer to the rest of the world.

A beginning of a journey for WeWent in the UK

Last word

It is Can and I am passionate about WeWent, and more importantly, bringing the best experiences to businesses and teams. What I strongly believe is the power of collaboration, learning, and celebrating and I work hard to expand this idea on top of our expansion.

A beginning of a journey for WeWent in the UK
Can at the #LT19UK

As the Business Development Lead of WeWent in the UK, I am so happy to see what we have accomplished in the UK. This is also a great sign of what we are capable of doing in the future. I have to thank all of our providers who have been with us until now. I am sure that we have a lot to experience in the new year.  We also invite others to come and join this amazing, fun, and exceptional journey of ours. Let us grow together!