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Passionate and driven, Vivian Acquah CDE® is making an impact on the world of workplace wellness and DEI. As the Inclusive Workplace Wellness Advocate/ Certified Diversity Executive, Vivian is devoted to making the topics of workplace wellness and DEI more accessible for everyone.

With a name that literally translates to 'water,' Vivian has become an extinguisher of fires related to DEI, providing clients such as Heineken, LinkedIn, Google, Indeed, Deloitte, TIBCO, Cargill, Swift, Acrolinx, KLM and Zalando with tangible strategies for embracing inclusive changes.

Additionally, she facilitates meaningful conversations about DEI through her Amplify DEI Cards initiative, which enables teams to create effective action plans for furthering their work in this area.

Driven by a strong purpose and mission-driven attitude, Vivian is ready and willing to help make our world more equitable.



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  • Inclusive Leadership
  • Authentic Allyship


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Previous Clients

  • Clients  Amplify DEI (Presentation (169))

    Various clients

    Amplify Inclusive Leadership
    This Inclusive Leadership workshop is to equip managers and leaders with the skills they need to build and sustain an inclusive culture.

    The key takeaway from the Amplify Inclusive Leadership workshop is that inclusive leadership is a critical skill for creating an equitable and vibrant workplace culture.

    Amplify Authentic Allyship
    Allyship—the continuous practice of amplifying a culture of inclusion through positive, intentional, and conscious actions that benefit everyone.

    The Amplify Authentic Allyship training is designed to help participants understand the importance of allyship and how to become effective allies.

    Amplify Empathy
    The workshop helps you to start working on empathy and improve the connection within your teams by using virtual reality.

    This training helps participants understand the perspectives of others and overcome unconscious biases through interactive VR experiences.

Qualifications and certifications

Certified Diversity Executive Dec 2021 - Feb 2023 Institute for Diversity Certification

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We worked with Vivian to gain more information and familiarise ourselves with the important, but sensitive, DEI topic within our Commonland organisation. She provided a few workshops and conducted a survey. The results of the survey gave a good indication of where we stand related to DEI. We are also using Vivian's Amplify DEI Academy with lots of short videos about DEI topics. Vivian is open to discuss what is the best way to introduce DEI topics to the team and also after the workshops she still is available for questions.
Anouk Breukers
People Director @ Commonland
Vivian was a great speaker for us here at Swift for our Black History Month's session on DEI. I highly recommend her if you are looking for a dynamite, energetic, and attentive speaker to bring insight on DEI topics to not only the management team but also to staff. Her presentation was full of invaluable data and goals set forth that was understandable and attainable. She was readily available when we were in communication with her for the preparation of the event and was also engaging afterwards. She went above and beyond our expectations and we received alot of great reviews afterwards.
Amy Hunter
People Development @ SWIFT
Vivian has her own perspective on how to deal with diversity and inclusion, her story, passion and broad experience in this field makes her a professional! At Rabobank she was asked for the Global diversity day to present her story to all Rabobank employees worldwide. The relationship with cooking and preparing meals translated into inclusion is brilliant. It is close to us as human beings, making it tangible and palpable. I definitely recommend Vivian as a keynote speaker, professional and great person for any organization looking for inspiration and awareness of diversity and inclusion.
Marjolijn van den Bos
Lead HR Change & Strategy @ Rabobank
Vivian gave a thought-provoking presentation, Amplify Diversity in the Workplace, in our quarterly DEI webinar series for all employees. Throughout the presentation, Vivian used interactive tools to interact with the audience and maintain engagement. She even worked with me to increase awareness of our ERGs and what they do at Lighthouse by including this information in the presentation. I also appreciate how easy and fun she was to work with.
Tim Hammon
Associate Training Director @ Lighthouse Document Technologies
At C.H. Robinson we had the pleasure of connecting with Vivian to join one of our external speaker events for our European Women’s Network. She presented "Amplifying Allyship" to our network, helping to illustrate the tools needed to take action in support of DEI initiatives. The event was interactive keeping all participants engaged as well as creating a safe space for people to exercise their learning process on these topics. Vivian sets a great example and we need more people like her in the world to help generate change and create an environment where all people feel comfortable and can thrive. Would recommend Vivian to anyone looking for support to have an impact on their DEI initiatives or a thought evoking conversation. Vivian is easy to talk to and has a lot of experience! Excited to align again in the future and implement her teachings into our daily lives.
Stephanie Leduc
Manager Account Management @ C.H. Robinson

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