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Magician. Mind-reader. Communicator.
Having started out in the corporate world with a degree in Law and an MBA I quickly found that my calling was actually as a performer. I swapped an office for 2 years entertaining on cruise ships in the Caribbean. Ever since I have made my living as a magician. And I have observed that magic is not really about card tricks - it is all about people. And I have developed a great fun team building workshop that brings people (your staff) to the fore. My workshop can focus on key areas e.g. communication skills, presentation skills, learning, fear of failure, etc. and all the time while having fun as a group - and leaving everyone armed with the ability to entertain their family and friends evermore. Amazing!


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  • Change Management
  • Creating Team Culture
  • Creativity
  • Critical thinking
  • Fun
  • Get to Know Each Other
  • Learning Together
  • Out of Comfort Zone
  • Problem solving



Jane's facilitation and training style is very participatory, engaging and energetic. She is a true professional in team development, leadership and interpersonal skills and other areas of people development. All the training courses had participants from several offices across the world and Jane is very good in taking into account cultural differences and different backgrounds of participants. Jane received excellent feedback from the participants regarding her facilitation style and professionalism. Quoting a participant from Consulting Principles course- Meeting Jane involved an excellent balance of strong and sincere commitment and professionalism with clear messages to the audience. There was very good interaction in and outside the class during the training's.

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