Which one are you? A team facilitator, a university teacher, a comedian and a magician – He is all!

Event Provider of the month – Introducing Toni Caradonna

Toni Caradonna
Toni Caradonna

We, here at WeWent, strive to offer you the best, most diverse and original team event possibilities.
This month’s Featured Partner is Toni Caradonna. We want to share with you just how much you can experience with his team events and also give you a sneak peek at the man behind it!

With a Masters in Physics and a degree in both Philosophy and Maths, Toni financed his studies doing shows as a juggler, comedian and magician. However, Toni quickly felt he was spending too much time sitting in front of computers! And the adventure began! “ So I went to a circus school in London and toured with circuses all over the word. Back home I did a Postgraduate degree in Higher Education to find out more about teaching. Since then I conduct workshops. Some last an hour, some one or two days. with some teams I work over a longer period of 2-3 years” – Yes, you read it correctly! We were also in awe with this quote from Toni!
With such a quote, we just had to find out more! Motivated by his passion for challenges, Toni Caradonna offers through our platform three different kinds of Events – Magical Moments, Build a bridge with Bamboo and Domino Fun- absolutely perfect to enhance your team’s cooperation skills. Here’s a little summary of his events, in his own words and quotes:

Magical Moments – how did it start?
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“I did a show once for a big company. After the show, the CEO talked to me and suggested to create a workshop that addresses the techniques magicians use. We brainstormed and designed a workshop that matched his needs and he booked me for over 30 departments in 3 countries. I did a lot of research back then and found interesting theoretical neuroscience background that I use in this workshop too. So basically it was a lucky coincidence.”

Building a Bamboo Bridge – A powerful metaphor for human connection
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“Ideally it takes place outdoors, but I have done it indoors too. I love this workshop for many reasons: The bridge metaphor is beautiful and strong and can be implemented in many settings. The team builds this bridge and then everybody has to decide: “Do I actually trust my team? Are we really doing something that has enough stability to carry a person? Did I put all the effort in my work?” Also, it is very interesting to watch who dares to cross the bridge first, is it a person with a leadership role? Does that person trust the team? Does the team really want to build something that carries the leader first? Usually, in this workshop, an amazing dynamic starts to develop which is interesting to experience and to talk about in the debriefing.”

Domino fun – Enhance the ability to use resources collectively.
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“This activity has been designed to be used in corporate companies but can also be tailored for children and entire schools. “I actually do the domino-workshop with children too. Sometimes I do it with entire schools for example. But much more often I do the domino-workshop with adults. Somehow I find children usually know better how to work in a cooperative setting. They usually have fewer problems when it comes to be in a team, help and support each other and find their place in a group.”
domino team building eventdomino team building event

But the highlight of our interview with Toni Caradonna was to listen to his insights and opinions on group events and team-building.

Main points that the teams learn or take away from Toni Caradona’s events?

With Toni’s event’s you can define if you want to have just a fun afternoon or if you want to address a specific issue, challenge or competence. If you want to go deeper, you can also evaluate the impact of the team building, have a debriefing session and a follow-up.

What can the people/groups that book your events, expect to get

By working with Toni you get:
14 years experience in teambuilding all over the world -unique teambuilding workshops -a thorough and careful preparation and adaptation -a coach that is extremely dedicated to his mission
“My main concern is to have a clear and transparent communication with the client about the goals. That can be challenging if expectations are high. I cannot change a company culture in a 1h session, but luckily that is rarely expected”
Want to find out more? Come to our platform and book his events! Click on the links below, and you can check out the photos and videos for an appetizing preview!
Build a bridge with Bamboo
Domino Fun
Magical Moments
Thank you, Toni Caradonna, for being our partner in revolutionizing the event industry and joining us in enhancing human connection!