Magical Moments with a Magician

Magical Moments with a Magician

Sachseln - Obwalden - Switzerland

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About the Event

Meet and learn from a magician and find out how you can apply the concepts showbusiness-magicians use to create unique moments with your peers or clients. Use the power of illusions, find out how you can guide attention, create a distraction if needed, and adapt the interaction – concepts magicians use to work in your favour.

Event Overview

  •   Min. number of participants:  5
  •   Outdoor / Indoor:  Both
  •   Max. number of participants:  500
  •   Duration:   1.5 Hours
  •   Available languages: English, Italian, German
  •   Start time(s):
    6.30 AM
    7.00 AM
    8.00 AM
    9.00 AM
    10.00 AM
    11.00 AM
    12.00 PM
    1.00 PM
    2.00 PM
    3.00 PM
    4.00 PM
    5.00 PM
    6.00 PM
    7.00 PM


  • Price per Person:  $31
  • Cancellation: Flexible

Booking Type

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Event Category

  •  Entertainment
     Out of the Box
     Reward & Celebrate

Event Objectives

  •  Creativity
     Get to Know Each Other

Key Highlights

  What to Expect:

Our perception is coined by evolutionary factors that are a hard-wired part of our brain. Magicians and Entertainers use these elements to create magic moments. Our subjectivity can be exploited and selective perception can be influenced.

Would it not be most interesting to learn how to trick the brain? To see and experience how you could adapt these concepts for your personal use? How can focus be guided? How can I use the positive and motivating force of illusions? How can I decipher lies and false assertions? How can I place and anchor my messages more clearly and reduce communication problems?

Enjoy this journey into the structure and psychology of of magic. Be challenged by the forced of suggestion, illusion, distraction and find out how you can adapt it for your daily life. Discover and decide what reality you can and want to create.
Learn from an experienced magician that has both experience as a CEO of a Tech-Company as well as a show-biz-magician. The workshop-coach has been teaching this workshop in various settings and ensures the workshop is adopted to your needs. In a preliminary talk we discuss your needs, the key-learning-points and the didactic setting.
If you would like to have a short entertaining participant-centered impuls-workshoIf we can set the focus on learning some basical skills, concepts and secrets of the magical trade.
Get in touch to find out more.


  What's Included:

Material for the participants

  What's not Included:

Travel costs


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