How well do you know your Team?

photo-1458419948946-19fb2cc296afHey you there on the other side of the screen, I have a question for you. How well do you know your Team Colleagues? Would you know their full name? Their birthplace? Do they have a pet? Are they married or engaged? Do they live alone on in a shared house? What type of food do they like? If you would invite them to the movies, what would it be? Action? Romance? Sci-Fi? Now I’ll ask you again, how will you know your team?

I think it is clear now, that you might not have been able to answer many of these questions. And yes, it is true that nevertheless you might still be a good performing team. But what about the human relation? After all you spend most of your time together, 5 days a week, 8, 9, or more hours’ day after day…

It makes a difference to know your team

I worked long years in the corporate business world, companies with 80’000, 120’000 employees. I mean, this is the size of many little towns world-wide, and of course it is not feasible to get to know everyone in your town. But how about getting to know your community better? I tell you, it makes a big difference when you enter the office and see friendly faces, people you know, you can count on, and not only in business related topics.

You set the boundaries

But if you are the type of person that prefers to keep things separated from each other, keeping business, relationships, friends, and family in very distinct boxes, don’t be afraid, you won’t have to marry your work colleagues. Getting to know them better is not going to cost you your privacy. It’s about turning the faces you see into people you know. You can still do it your way and keep on being the quite guy in the angle spot, that only talks if directly required to do so.

Would it surprise you if I told you I was the quite guy in the offices I worked so far? I was not even a big fan of Team Events. But luckily for me, I met people that showed me how important it was to meet the colleagues working in Lausanne’s office. The Team in Geneva, in Lugano in Bern…

Switzerland’s unique working environment

Switzerland has a unique working environment, with language and cultural walls to be overcome, and making sure we all feel we belong together can make a big difference to our business and working environment. After a successful Team experience the next time you call your colleague in Lugano or Geneva, you will feel that there is a real person on the other side of the line. And not only expertise you need to support the progress of your project, the achievement of your task, or the closing of the day.

I joined WeWent not long ago and already had the great opportunity to go on a short journey to Berlin with my new Team. Now, every time I see them here in Zurich’s HQ I smile, because they are more than only titles; they are real people.

Let us from WeWent help you strengthen the human bond in your Team and working environment. With WeWent you will find unique, intriguing, and fun ways to turn a group of workers into a real Team. Let’s make a connection human again.

By Ulisses Salles