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Be Motivated And Start Loving Monday Mornings

Be Motivated And Start Loving Monday Mornings


Do you wake up cursing your alarm clock every Monday morning? I’m sure at some point in your life, you did. And you’re not alone! 

For some people, Monday mornings mean the start of another stressful week of dealing with their boss and co-workers. For others, it’s another week of workload and deadlines. Phew! Monday morning blues is real! 

But the truth is, employees, do not really hate Mondays. Most often, they have this negative feeling because of the lack of engagement at work. 

While employee engagement has a significant impact on businesses success, often it is neglected. According to Gallup’s 2017 State of the Global Workplace, 85% of employees are not engaged in the workplace. This results in demotivation and a massive drop in productivity.

If this is your team’s current challenge, worry not, because creating an engaged and motivated workforce is what [email protected] offers with their event. Discover more here!

“At [email protected], we want people to love Monday Mornings. As we spend most of our time at work, we want to help as many people as possible to do work that is meaningful, fulfilling, and fun. Therefore we help our clients create organizations where people like to invest their time and make a difference.” – [email protected] team.

Be Motivated And Start Loving Monday Mornings

A Motivated Workforce

Judith Raymakers and Max Hunter are the core team of [email protected]. Together with a diverse group of qualified coaches and C-Suite business leaders, they support organizations to build cultures for growth. They are experts in creating the right environment for people to thrive, to be engaged and motivated. They use their method called the Roots & Fruits to create motivation at work. This technique covers all elements within an organization that have an impact on motivation and growth.

“A group experience of the Roots & Fruits is the most impactful and ensures an understanding of what needs the most attention within a team and how to solve the most pressing issues that hinder that ‘Monday morning feeling.'” – they said.

Our provider is an international team that is competent to support clients in English, German, Swiss-German, French, Spanish, and Dutch.

Teamwork Is The Key!

People drive innovation and growth in the organization. If given the opportunity to speak up, try out things, make mistakes, they will definitely learn together.

“Most work is done in teams. People seldom work as individuals. We know for a fact that the best work is done in teams that function well, where people trust and support each other.” – [email protected] team.

Judith shared one of their success story of a team of 24 people who had just been through a difficult transition. The changes left a very negative atmosphere, and they felt paralyzed to start new projects. However, after an intense and emotional moment created in the workshop, the team had the energy to solve the issues and get moving. They are now one of the highest-performing teams in their organization. 

Be Motivated And Start Loving Monday Mornings

Love Monday Mornings Together!

Expect a very interactive, engaging, deep yet fun day when you book this event. Judith and Max will make sure that every voice is important and heard. They encourage each member of the team to contribute and co-create a brighter and more productive future! 

Their approach is tailor-made, depending on the specific challenges of the team. So if you want a memorable day with a sustainable impact on the performance of your team, book this event now!

Interested to know more, do not miss the impactful workshop by Judith and Max: