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Awaken a team spirit with a 2500 old tradition of Dragon Boats! 

Awaken a team spirit with a 2500 old tradition of Dragon Boats! A perfect summer activity for teams.

This month we are introducing Felix, one of the owners of the Dragon Boat corporate team events.  Check out Dragon Boat Team Event on WeWent (link) .
As a dragon boat athlete he is amazed how this sport is an excellent way to evoke team spirit.

“I never felt such a positive energy in any other sport. So it was my goal to make these feelings accessible to more people.”

Awaken a team spirit with a 2500 old tradition of Dragon Boats! 
Felix, the man behind Dragon Boat Event

The energy encouraging a group to coordinate and work together lead Felix to start his business. Dragon boating first was a hobby but then he participated at several European and World Championships. Swiss Air was the first corporation he performed a Dragon Boat event with. This was a great success. Everyone in the team loved the healthy challenge and it brought everyone closer together. This was the beginning of the work that Felix keeps on doing by today.

Awaken a team spirit with a 2500 old tradition of Dragon Boats! 
The Team behind Dragon Boat Event
Strengthen leadership skills of every team member

Dragon boat team events are a great activity during spring summer and fall. It quickly gets everyone to work together and have fun. And it is not about individual skills. Everyone in the boat must work together, paddle in perfect timing and rhythm to reach the finish line.

“In a dragon boat, the only thing that matters is that you fulfill your role and synchronize with everyone else. It’s beyond age, hierarchy or ability”.

Incredible team effort with dragon boatsIncredible team effort with dragon boats

This activity encourages leadership skills of every participant. And it’s about classifying, non-verbal communication, timing, and effort. It works very well for multiple teams, functions, divisions. Additionally, It helps to increase a positive competitive spirit. Finally, it’s an inclusive activity. Everyone can take part regardless of physical ability or age.

The dragon boat story 

The dragon boat tradition was born more than 2,500 years ago. One legend claims that the Chinese statesman and poet Chu Yuan wanted to drown himself in the Mi Lo River.
The native fishermen are said to have launched their boots to rescue him. And they beat on drums and splashed their paddles in the water, trying to keep the fish from his body and ward off evil spirits. To honor his soul and ensure it didn’t go hungry, they scattered rice into the water.  Thereafter, the fishermen met every year with their boats in Chu Yuan’s honor. They carried out a symbolic search in memory of the poet – in numerous dragon boat races.

Dragon Boats
Dragon Boats

While this is an ancient tradition and story, today, it can be brought to a team to inspire them. To enjoy the thrill, the team work, and their positive interaction out in the nature.

Exemplifying Human Connectivity 

Dragon boat event is vibrant, fun, healthy and environmentally friendly event where everyone can get involved. Most noteworthy, it creates a bond on a level hardly comparable to anything else. As a result, this bond can be carried on to the work environment. Some of the benefits of the Dragon Boating include:

  • Encouraging honest communication;
  • Encouraging healthy competition to strive to be best and always try harder;
  • Focusing on a task that includes everyone counting on each other to bring their best effort;
  • Getting to know each other as a team;
  • Improving energy level;
  • Increased productivity.

“The fact that everybody is active, outdoor and in a positive environment provides a good base for a real team discussion.”

Awaken a team spirit with a 2500 old tradition of Dragon Boats! 

To summarize, Felix and his team organize events for all types of organization. They deliver the event in Eglisau or bring it to the location you wish. So the event can be customized to the team’s needs. At the homebase in Eglisau catering can be provided. Teams choose whether they use Dragon Boating for fun and race or whether they actually want to bring a real business challenge they are trying to solve. Felix and his team are in total up to fifty people making sure the events are safe, fun and business related.
In addition professional coaches can also join an activity to lead a team discussion, exercise debriefs and facilitate the group. Therefore, best is to send contact request to Felix directly through WeWent. (link)

At last, we have asked Felix what three words would he use to sum up what he and his team do. And he said… 

  • Passionate
  • Unique
  • Unforgettable
  • We help groups to have this unforgettable team experience. Also we are passionate and help them awaken their team energy. Finally, we create unique and unforgettable team moments.