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Virtual Team Development Workshop

Provided by Katrin Grunwald

This 1-day workshop is aimed at international teams who are working remotely in order to improve their ways of working as remote team. This workshop is based on the challenges that you face as a remote team in your specific situation. However, common topics amongst remote teams are often :


– How can we establish a trustful collaboration?


– How can we better organize ourselves and our processes?


– How can we clarify roles & responsibilities?


– How can we “feel like a team” and have a good social connection even though we work remotely?


A virtual team workshop offers you an effective deep dive to set the groundwork on how to best collaborate as a team remotely enhancing your long-term team success!




– Fixed workshop prices apply – 4-7 participants – 3000€ (excluding VAT depending on the country).


This includes individualized preparation, 1 day of workshop, post-work). From 8-12 participants – 3500€ (excluding VAT depending on the country).


  • Duration: 8 Hours
  • Min. Participants: 4
  • Languages: 112, 116, 115, 545
  • Max. participants: 12



  • Team building
  • Team Assessment


  • Alignment
  • Communication
  • Creating Team Culture
  • Fun
  • Impact
  • Learning Together
  • People Management
  • Setting Goals
  • Working Remotely

What to Expect

  • What to expect
  • Before the workshop:
    The virtual team development process kicks off with a one-hour meeting with the team leader, then interviews with each team member participating in the workshop to collect all sides’ inputs for the workshop and is finished with a debriefing call with the team leader. This thorough process enables you to receive a workshop specifically dedicated to your team’s needs.

    The actual workshop takes place via Zoom or the videoconferencing tool you use in your company. It is very interactive using possibilities to brainstorm on a virtual flip-chart, gather people's inputs via online polls, have team members discuss certain topics in virtual sub-groups, etc.

    After the workshop: The team will receive a debrief with screenshots and the action list for further use.
  • What's included
  • • Two pre-workshop briefings with the team leader via video call
    • Pre-interviews: 15 min video calls with each team member in order to gather also the team members’ inputs for the workshop
    • 1-day workshop facilitation
    • Photo-protocol: summary of all insights and follow up actions captured in screenshots of the workshop
  • What's not included
  • In case the team would like to use a tool other than Zoom that needs the purchasing of a license, that would need to be paid extra by the team for the facilitator.


Provider is based in München, Deutschland.


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