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Leadership for the 21st century

Provided by Severin von Hünerbein

In today’s volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) environment, a paradigm shift in leadership is underway. We are witnessing a transformation from the traditional notion of the “Great Man” leader to one that emphasizes the power of the “Great Team.” The heroic leadership model, centered around individual figures, is becoming outdated as it overlooks the collective intelligence and potential brought by collaborative efforts and advancements in technology.

This workshop delves into the implications of this shift across various levels of leadership, including the individual, team, and organizational systems. Participants will explore the evolving understanding of leadership in the digital age, examining how it affects their roles and responsibilities.

Key areas of focus during the workshop include:

  1. Humble Leadership: Understanding and embracing the value of vulnerability in leadership, where leaders foster a culture of openness, active listening, and learning from others.
  2. Shared Leadership: Recognizing the importance of shared decision-making, collaboration, and distributed responsibilities within teams, resulting in greater engagement and innovation.
  3. Complexity Leadership: Developing the skills to navigate and lead in complex and adaptive systems, leveraging diverse perspectives and fostering adaptive behaviors to tackle intricate challenges.


  • Duration: 16 Hours
  • Min. Participants: 6
  • Languages: 112, 115
  • Max. participants: 14

Event Type

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  • Provider can travel


  • Price per Person: 1000
  • Cancelation: Moderate
  • Price per Group: 10000
  • Group size: 10000 for up to 12 participants


  • Coaching
  • Future Skills
  • Leadership


  • Coping with Emotions
  • Developing Resilience
  • Leadership

What to Expect

  • Training for a new leadership style
  • In this two-day workshop, participants can expect an immersive experience that embodies 21st-century leadership principles. Through a combination of hands-on exercises, interactive games, and reflective practices, you will gain a deep understanding of what it means to lead in today's dynamic landscape. The methodology places a strong emphasis on experiential learning, experimentation, and self-awareness. While theory and knowledge transfer are utilized selectively, the primary focus is on practical application and real-life scenarios. This approach allows you to actively engage with the concepts and apply them directly to your own leadership journey. Throughout the workshop, we will create a shared understanding of the VUCA world, enabling you to navigate its challenges with confidence. You will explore the attitudes, skills, and knowledge required for modern leadership, gaining valuable insights into your own leadership style and its alignment with the demands of the 21st century. By participating in a series of carefully designed exercises, you will gain a deeper understanding of yourself as a leader. This self-awareness will empower you to identify and leverage your strengths while addressing areas for growth, ultimately enhancing your overall effectiveness. To ensure practical application beyond the workshop, we will equip you with a comprehensive toolkit comprising methods, tools, and valuable tips. These resources will enable you to implement your newfound leadership style effectively and create a positive impact within your organization. Note: experiential learning can lead to individual change.


Provider is based in St. Gallen, Schweiz.


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