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Provided by Ewa Duraj

This group coaching program is ideal for employees who enjoy social interaction and prefer a group settings for their career reflections and planning. Great opportunity for teams to increase their cohesion.

Program elements: 

6 x 90 min group coaching sessions (online via MS Teams or in person) and individual 1h recap session for all participants. In between reflection and self-development activities & materials will be provided.

The sessions will be held bi-monthly.

In the groups sessions we will explore following topics (order might vary depending on the group and the clients’ needs):

  1. Career values & how to set up healthy boundaries at work
  2. Unique talents and strengths & enabling beliefs
  3. Personal branding concept & networking opportunities
  4. Definition of success & career path design in line with your values, needs and ambitions
  5. Self-confidence & motivation
  6. Change management techniques in VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity) in a context of your company and its culture.
  7. SMART career plan

We will create a safe space for a reflection and we will look together at participants’ plans, resources, options and ambitions. The group coaching rules include: confidentiality, no judgement, respect, support and encouragement and a belief that every person is whole, resourceful and creative.

I will provide participants with coaching tools that they will be able to reuse at further stages of their career.

The benefit of working on the career plan with an ICF Associate Certified Coach in a group settings include:

  • seeing different career plans
  • hearing about others’ experience
  • speaking up about your career dreams to others
  • getting encouragement from your peers
  • peer feedback
  • social learning & inspiration
  • presence and support of a professional coach in every session

The coaching program I am offering will require from participants some additional work between the sessions such as regular self-reflection, research, experimenting with their mindset and finding a courage to try new ways of being and doing.


  • Duration: 10 Hours
  • Min. Participants: 4
  • Languages: 112, 116, 546
  • Max. participants: 8

Event Type

  • This service can be delivered virtually
  • Provider can travel



  • Career Development


  • Change Management
  • Purpose & Values
  • Setting Goals

What to Expect

  • The Group Career Coaching outcomes include:
  • FOR COMPANY: Talent development/ Increased motivation and commitment among staff/ Clear pipeline of leadership talent/ Increased psychological safety and resilience among the participants/ Development of learning culture among employees/ Change ready workforce/ Butterfly effect on their teams/ FOR PARTICIPANTS: Clear professional ambitions and an defined career path/ New working arrangements including remote work, promotions and rises/ Moving to a different departments, or changing roles withing the organisation to align their work with their values and needs/ Taking a leadership role within their existing company/ Developing resilience and reducing stress by introducing coaching tools into their daily practice (journaling, self-reflection etc.)/ Finding a mentor who supports them in their career/ Using more efficiently their network & developing new professional connections/ Developing their personal brand and becoming a leader in their domain on professional social media platforms/ Signing up for a university degree/ Planing their retirement/ Increased happiness and life satisfaction/


Provider is based in Annecy, France.


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