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Discover Your Inner Leader: The Critical Role of Self-Trust for Health and Fulfillment

Provided by Heidi Hauer

This session will support you in:

  1. Understanding Intuition:
    Exploring the nature of intuition and how it differs from conventional guidance in life.
  2. Challenging the Primacy of Rationality:
    Recognizing that intuition is not at odds with reason and why relying solely on rationality may be less reliable than assumed.
  3. Defining Self-Leadership:
    Understanding the concept of self-leadership and the pivotal role intuition plays in it.
  4. Unveiling the Intertwined Power of Intuition and Self-Leadership:
    Emphasizing the profound connection between intuition and self-leadership and their significance in achieving health and fulfillment.
  5. Recognizing Intuitive Communication:
    Gaining insight into the different ways intuition may “speak” to you.
  6. Overcoming Obstacles to Intuition:
    Identifying common patterns of self-sabotage and barriers that hinder the wisdom of intuition.
  7. Strengthening Intuition through Self-Trust:
    Exploring practical tips and exercises to enhance intuition, with a focus on cultivating self-trust.


  • Duration: 3 Hours
  • Min. Participants: 6
  • Languages: 112, 115
  • Max. participants: 100

Event Type

  • This service can be delivered virtually
  • Provider can travel



  • Career Development
  • Culture
  • Leadership


  • Creating Team Culture
  • People Management
  • Relationships & Trust

What to Expect

  • Effective Self-Leadership
  • • Believing in the innate intuition present within every individual, including oneself. • Developing a clearer recognition of one's intuitive voice. • Cultivating self-trust and having confidence in one's own intuition, embracing the guidance it provides. • Initiating the transformative work of removing blocks and establishing a deep connection with intuition.


Provider is based in Zürich, Switzerland.


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