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Team Day: Communication & appreciation at work (LEGO Serious Play workshop)

Provided by Anna Stando

This 4h interactive workshop focuses on building meaningful connections between team members, unleashing creativity and fostering a culture of appreciation, open communication and collaboration.

It combines the LEGO® Serious Play® methodology with various gratitude exercises to help the team members bond and understand each other better while having a lot of fun and doing something that is one-of-a kind and unforgettable. We will be building with the LEGO bricks throughout the entire workshop, both individually and in groups.

High engagement, valuable insights and laughter guaranteed!

This Team Day is perfect if you want:

  • Give your team members the opportunity to connect beyond their daily work and to get to know each other from a new perspective (even if you have been working together for years)
  • Reinforce the culture of collaboration and appreciation at work, so that everyone truly feels seen, heard and valued
  • Understand what drives and what drains individual team members at work
  • Speed up the integration of new(er) team members
  • Combine having fun with actionable insights on how to further improve your team communication, collaboration and engagement, without turning it into a tiring strategy workshop


  • Duration: 2 Hours
  • Min. Participants: 6
  • Languages: 112, 546
  • Max. participants: 18

Event Type

  • This service can be delivered virtually
  • Provider can travel



  • Culture
  • Challenge & Games
  • Team building


  • Communication
  • Creating Team Culture
  • Reward & Celebrate

What to Expect

  • Workshop outcomes:
  • - Unique and memorable experience that your team will keep talking about - this is a very hands-on workshop, with lots of 'doing' = building, brainstorming, sharing and laughing! Time will fly. - Deep understanding of benefits of expressing appreciation at work and knowledge of both your personal and colleagues' preferences of giving and receiving gratitude at work (it is not all just about words and money!) - Good vibes! When you get out of your head and use LEGO to think with your hands instead, and when you give and receive gratitude at work, the feel-good factor is high! - Highly connected team members motivated to bring their best to work and to show appreciation for each other - Concrete ideas on how to explore and implement the learnings fromthe experience into your day-to-day operations


Provider is based in Zürich, Switzerland.


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