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Assertiveness Skills Training for Stress Management

Provided by Alessandra Patti

As Nathaniel Branden says in his book “The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem”:

“The successful organization of the future will be an organization geared to self-esteem. An organization whose people operate at a high level of consciousness, self-assertiveness (and respect of the assertiveness of others) and purposefulness would be an organization of extraordinarily empowered human beings.”

Wellbeing should always be on the agenda on every organization. A big part of  our wellbeing at work is given by the communication people receive from their leaders, as well as by the interaction of leaders and employees, which also has an impact on the company culture and communication style. This determines how we lead the organizations of the future and how we  interact with stakeholders and customers. If a leader or any other employee is not assertive enough and/or does not cultivate confidence in their communication style, the entire structure might suffer, and the risk of prolonged stress and burnout is higher.

The goal of this 4 hour workshop is double: On one side participants learn to become more assertive and work on their communication skills; on the other one, we act on prevention of mental distress by teaching them how to do proper self-care and have healthy boundaries at work. Communication and mental wellbeing will be a winning combination for your company leaders and, as a result, the rest of the organization.




  • Duration: 6 Hours
  • Min. Participants: 6
  • Languages: 122, 112
  • Max. participants: 15

Event Type

  • This service can be delivered virtually
  • Provider can travel



  • Culture
  • Wellbeing


  • Communication
  • Developing Resilience
  • Relationships & Trust
  • Wellbeing

What to Expect

  • Self-care as the entry door to stress management
  • Self-care, self-esteem and resilience go hand in hand. A balanced look at our holistic wellbeing is fundamental and can help us through stressful times. Did you know that assertive employees are more resilient and positive employees?
  • How to navigate difficult conversations and conflict
  • One of the main themes of this workshop is how to use assertive communication. A big part of assertive communication is non-violent communication, and particularly how to navigate difficult conversations that can happen at work. But also how to prevent escalation of conflicts and make teams communication sustainable.
  • How to communication boundaries assertively
  • We all need to say NO sometimes. Even when we are eager to take on projects and responsibilities. Why? The quality of our work can be impacted and we want to be able to priorities. How do we place the right boundaries? How do we teach others to do that and prevent damaging prolonged stress? We learn it on the communication level and on the personal emotional level too.


Provider is based in 8050 Zürich, Switzerland.


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