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A Learning and Development Experts’ Network that you can truly belong to

A Learning and Development Experts’ Network that you can truly belong to

WeWent.com’s passion for re-imagining and re-inventing workplaces brings a new initiative to life. This is shown through building a network of Learning and Development Experts (solopreneurs) that are supported to grow, be agile, and be daring.  

WeWent was established in 2017 and since then has become a trusted marketplace for future skills workshops. By switching from the commission-based model to the membership model, we expand and dedicate our ongoing support to the L&D solopreneurs. We are focusing on fueling the visibility of Expert’s talents with clear guidance and attainable marketing techniques. So we can change the workplaces faster, better and together.

WeWent has also established “Shake up the Workplace! A future of work ecosystem” in 2019 and grew a community of 4000+ participants and followers across channels. WeWent.com is dedicated to leveraging the knowledge of WeWent Pro Experts in its Shaker Academy and other engaging events.

How do we define an Expert in L&D?

If one of these words describe you and you are obsessed with making a difference, you found your tribe

  • Facilitator
  • Trainer
  • Business coach
  • Executive coach
  • Leadership coach
  • Team Coach
  • Speaker
  • L&D practitioner
  • HR Solopreneur


WeWent.com is on a mission to create the best Learning and Development Experts Network that is rich with diverse talent. That means we do not want to have any one here but the ones that are dedicated to creating an impact in a workplace. And we are here to accelerate your journey. 

Here are the selection criteria for Expert Pro: 

Pro Experts are people who understand the business in-depth and have been employed by a big or medium business in the past. Our experts should have at least 3 years of experience in the domain of facilitation, coaching, or training.

Who is it for: 

  • Boutique training businesses that want to access more companies with less hassle. 
  • L&D Solopreneurs who are ready to be seen by big corporates
  • Kick-ass facilitators who want to ditch looking for clients 
  • Experts in L&D who want to create value-added content that is seen by thousands of HR Business people 
  • Corporate coaches who want to reach decision-makers


How will the Learning and Development Experts Network membership help? 

Annual membership to the Network will allow you to build your backbone with time. There are 5 key points that we focus on to set you up for success. Let us explain a bit more in detail. 

  1. Build Trust

L&D business is about trust. That is why when there is a new project within an organization where an Expert talent is needed the easy choice is tested and tried supplier by the company or by someone within the network. 

As a solopreneur, you have to have an established client base for you to earn enough money from recommendations. That is why you need to have a good network -the very main reason for this article- and build trust beyond your network. 

Be part of WeWent expert Network

WeWent built brand new Profile pages to leverage all the trust-building elements online. You can easily 

  • Create your tagline and expertise in your own words
  • Add an in-action video that will run automatically
  • Add existing testimonials
  • Get new reviews and ratings
  • Add certificates and degrees 
  • Add some of your sample work, visuals, etc. 

We will also build content together with you and publish it on our social channels (offer for Pro members). Your articles cross-published and featured will surely increase the trust factor. 

Many talent marketplaces you’d find are not revealing the name nor contact information of the talent and lock the conversation on the platform (like we did before). And this is not helping with the trust factor. 

The membership model allows us to focus on showcasing your talent and allow access to your contact and content on your own channels. As the expert fee is not tied to successful booking anymore, we do not need to lock the user on our website. They can continue to check your other channels and contact you where they feel best suited for them. We become the enabler of connection rather than being the bottleneck (lesson learned over the past few years).  

Lastly, being part of the trusted network is the #1 trust factor for a client, which means you are investing in yourself and are vetted and ready to be reviewed on an online platform. 

  2. Get Exposure to your audience

These days there are several ways to expose your business in the market. Good management of your social media, great PR, or paid digital marketing are some of them. However, being a solopreneur it’s almost impossible to run each aspect of a business especially when your passion lies in making an impact at a workplace. Going after all sales, marketing, and delivering your services by yourself can turn into a formula for burnout. 

Have you started with making an awesome website and building an all-star Linkedin page? Great, you need those! But you still need to be found. Your marketing budget can be costlier than your earnings if it is not done right.  

Create your optimized profile today!

WeWent makes exposure affordable for solopreneurs like you. How do we do it? 

Partnering with an SEO agency

WeWent partnered up with an SEO (Search engine optimization) agency based in Switzerland to boost WeWent.com ranking with specific configurations that will help your profile and your offers to be found. Also, we added elements in our website that you will fill out to increase the performance. 

We will work together to set up some SEO basics for the platform and for your digital assets: backlinks, testimonials on important websites, and hashtags we will use to support each other as a community.   

Our website is automatically translated into 10 languages. This means you will show up in the local languages of talent seekers. As online delivery is now the norm there are no borders for you to bring your impact to the workplaces in need.

We have also added expert search functionality on our website, your name will be coming up for your domain easily.  


     3. Grow with a Community 

Communities (tribes) have been vital in the past and ever important in the digital world. It is only changing its framework over the centuries but supporting each other stays as the key theme. Workplaces are switching from hierarchical models to community-based models. Finding your tribe is crucial for support and development. Sharing the same passion and values are what makes communities a success. 

It wouldn’t be wrong to say you are as successful as your close-knit network, community. 

That is why we’d like to invite you to join other passionate Learning and Development Experts Network to support each other, learn from each other, hold each other accountable and help each other get gigs. Will there be experts working in the same field as you? Oh yes, but isn’t it better if you work together instead of against each other? In the end, there are enough companies in need of change and your talent!

In our Learning and development Experts Community 

  • You will be able to ask industry-specific questions and learn from others 
  • We will go deeper L&D related issues in monthly Mastermind calls
  • You will learn about new tools and strategies that will grow you and others
  • You will have free ALL access to Shake up the Workplace community to engage with business leaders who are passionate about change-making and business transformation. 
preview of the SUTW community

     4. Educate yourself for Individual Actions

In our community platform, you will find a library of educational resources: Short videos, toolkits, and recordings of live webinars. 

In the membership we allow solopreneurs to take small actions that allow them to improve their business and our resources are designed to help them achieve this.

WeWent education for Experts

We are building a library of topics such as how to price your work right. Also how to win more business and solve together any other challenges that the community will bring. This means you will get immediate support from experts in marketing and sales for solopreneurs. In our newsletters, you will continue to learn in a small size format.


     5. Access Partner deals 

We are partnering up with amazing companies that will elevate your offers. We will continue to bring partners that are high quality and answer your needs. 

Here are some of our partners that will be in the journey of growing your business

  • Miro, the online whiteboard platform that helps you co-create and bring meetings to life will be giving you a 1-year free membership 
  • Butter.us, the ‘all-in-one’ platform to run virtual workshops will provide you with insights and content for better facilitation 
  • Our SEO partner will offer a 10-20% discount for dedicated SEO support 
  • Our marketing experts will also offer you a 10-20% discount for working further with you

This means you can take advantage of the Learning and Development Experts network to work with people who understand your business and grow more affordable and faster. 


What are the overall changes to WeWent.com that existing Experts should expect to see?

As of 2022, WeWent is clearly focusing on growing their Experts to support them to push much-needed development of future skills in the workplaces. How do we do it?

  • WeWent is providing industry education, marketing support, and collaboration opportunities with business to its Experts so you can focus on delivering your main work.
  • The platform is designed to showcase your talent and users are free to check your work out of the platform and contact you directly.
  • As the platform allows to carry a discussion out of the platform, there are also no more transactions over WeWent.com.
  • There is no more commission fee for direct or indirect bookings that is led by the platform visits. With the membership model, you will pay only once per year and you will waive the commission fee. Custom projects that are led by WeWent are not included in the membership model.
  • You can get your payment back by introducing new Expert members. Each new member gives back 30% of the annual membership fee to the referenced member.



The traditional models of employment have been broken. We need to equip human-centric leaders with the tools and peers to move forward courageously to upgrade the way we work. 

We cannot do this without the intervention of Experts in the future of work topics, facilitation, or coaching. The world of work agrees. That’s why they are putting upskilling in the top three of their yearly goals. 

One question we get asked is in your domain how are you supposed to access the diverse talent?

With WeWent.com. Join WeWent’s L&D Expert Network to accelerate your business as a solopreneur. We will support you with building trust online, exposure to the HR audience, growing with a passionate community, insights, and resources in the L&D industry, and finding partners that help you to grow.