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I am an Emotional Intelligence Coach who specializes in helping people leverage their emotional intelligence competences through assessment tools, coaching sessions and seminars. I am also a writer in topics related to behavioral change in my blog and in e-magazines.
I hold a PHD in Behavioral Economics, where I investigated the costs of untransferable knowledge. This untransferable knowledge is a combination of our emotional and intellectual skills which impact and contribute to the environments in which we interact. Therefore, knowing how to manage our emotional intelligence is crucial.
I would love to assess your emotional quotient potential and support you through a customized development plan to enhance your performance at work and increase your overall emotional well-being!


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Alexandra has coached me on several professional and personal dilemmas. She is a kind and confident coach, and holds a trusting and open space.
I felt comfortable exploring underlying values with her. She has supported me to discover long held beliefs that were holding me back from aspects of personal happiness and professional success.
She is able to relate across cultures and situations and keeps the client’s best interest in focus. Her deep understanding how businesses and workplaces operate, is very helpful when one is discussing a work situation with her.
Shripad Ranade, Leadership Coach and Management Consultant, Mumbai, India

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