The LinkedIn Algorithm and everything you need to know as an L&D freelancer

LinkedIn is one of the most important sources of business leads, contacts, and customers. It’s a great tool that professionals and experts use to boost their influence and build their network. So it’s crucial to understand the LinkedIn algorithm. 

Are you aware of the latest algorithm updates and how do they impact your visibility in search results? If not, this blog will answer all your questions. Also it will explain why LinkedIn is one of the best marketing tools out there especially for B2B sector.

What is an Algorithm and why is it so important?

An Algorithm is a prewritten series of steps that computers follow when they solve a problem. These steps usually involve using data as input and then using previously programmed instructions to solve the problem. Algorithms are intended to make sure the information that is available on the platform is as relevant as possible for you, the user.

When it comes to LinkedIn’s algorithm, things are constantly changing. If a system is working for you, it’s likely that it will be out of date soon enough. That’s why we recommend all experts and professionals keep up with the most recent updates to ensure your profile is always optimized and provides the best results possible.

The algorithm works by taking the information you provide when you use LinkedIn, such as what you’re interested in, where you work, or who you know through your network and working with that input to generate output. It enables the website to suggest potential connections for you as leaders, speakers, facilitators and more. As you start using the website more, the platform begins to collect your preferences and search history in order to match people with similar professional backgrounds and characteristics with you. This makes it easier to network and find like-minded individuals. It also makes it easier to connect with your target audience. 


How and why is the Algorithm constantly changing?

There are two main reasons why the algorithm is constantly changing:

  • First, to keep the content and ads that are delivered on the platform as relevant as possible. 
  • Second, it wants to provide advertisers with access to accurate audience data so that they can make sure their content is reaching the right people. 


How to get the attention of Learning and Development decision-makers by using the Linkedin algorithm correctly

Linkedin is a website that is growing every day. Experts, Facilitators, Coaches and Organizational Trainers keep coming by the thousands. The algorithms are constantly changing to best fit the needs of their users and keep up with advances in technology and media. The LinkedIn algorithm works in a variety of ways. It can affect different parts of your profile, such as your search results: how they look, where they show up on the site, who sees them, etc.

Here are some tips on how to use the Linkedin algorithm to attract decision -makers:

  • Make sure to post when your target audience is online (the first hour of posting is crucial)
  • Ask a question to spark engagement.
  • Interact with other posts while your post is in its first hour.
  • Follow a consistent posting schedule so your followers know when to check for new posts.
  • Respond to anyone who engages.

Why is it important to keep up to date with it?

With the constant change in internet trends and updates, it is important to keep up to date with algorithm changes. If you’re not keeping up on algorithm changes it can affect your overall rankings.

If you don’t know how to deal with these changes you as speakers and facilitators might miss out on reaching leaders and more. These decision-makers visit your site only to find they cannot view certain pages, making their experience frustrating and lacking. Your organic search engine ranking will suffer immensely if you do not properly handle these changes as well. If you keep up to date, you can boost your rankings, engagement, and connections. You will have more control and visibility over your profile, website, and business, and ensure it is optimized for search engines. 

The methodology behind the Linkedin algorithm

The LinkedIn Algorithm and everything you need to know as an L&D freelancer

LinkedIn, which used to be a platform for recruiters and job seekers, is rapidly transforming into a more personal and social network. L&D experts, coaches and facilitators are using Linkedin not only to network. But also to manage and grow their business contacts, share content and find jobs so keeping up to date with company news could be key to your career and your business.

The LinkedIn algorithm is an ever-changing and somewhat mysterious beast. The algorithm chooses a handful of pieces randomly to go into your news feed on each page you visit. When considering which content to show you, the algorithm looks at how close you are to the person or company that shared it. It also looks at how many connections you have in common with them. The more connections you share, the more likely their post will appear on your news feed. In this way, those who are more connected have a better chance of reaching more people through their posts. In order for you to be seen by the L&D decision-makers you need to be interacting with them. Whether its by liking, sharing or commenting on their posts.

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