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What Are The Most Innovative Learning Days Companies Are Organizing?

Did you know that 86 per cent of respondents to this year’s Global Human Capital Trends survey by Deloitte believe they must reinvent their ability to learn?
Learning not only at work but in the flow of life.
This is why we emphasise the importance of ”Learning Days”. These “Learning Days”, or in other words “Experience Days”, are events organised for a company to give their employees the chance to solve a core business problem, fill their innovation pipeline, change how they work internally or start a movement. WeWent offers several interesting experience days. They range from Hackathons, that can be used for hacking a problem in a limited time, to themed days such as well-being or innovation days. Corporate affairs, HR or innovation teams of companies work with a set of speakers and experts to bring these days together. They encourage employees to get involved and help plan the perfect experience day for their company!

Here are the most popular learning days for companies as we know

Robotic Arm


The use of technology is becoming more and more vital in today’s world, in any business. It’s critical for teams to familiarise themselves with the latest tech concepts, and learn about chatbots, robots, AI, blockchain, VR and the relationship to the business. C-suite, sales, marketing or even departments of finance need to surround themselves with the latest changes and understand the implications to the industry and cross effect on the function that they serve in. Experiencing such concepts first hand has a significant impact on the creativity of the employees. It also sets a progressive image of the company.

Apart from expert speakers some content examples from WeWent for Innovation Days:


We want every employee to tinker with technology. Bring creativity to life using easy to learn, use and relatively cheap tools such as 3D Printers, Arduino Cards and coding platforms. With technology workshops, you can enable employees to build their own electronic prototypes, 3D Designs and coding outputs such as games, etc.


Why not getting creative and innovative in the form of expression. LEGO SERIOUS PLAY is a methodology specifically designed for that. This full day team workshop will take your team to the next level, based on a pre-defined focus area (team building, communication, culture, new organization, new leader etc). You will be immersed into the world of playful building and storytelling, which guarantees 100% commitment and 100% contribution.


Design thinking takes your thinking and ideation to the next level. During this workshop you will be working on a case while learning about design thinking. You will understand what design driven innovation means and try yourself out in Personas, Customer Journey Mapping, Stakeholder Mapping, Value Network Mapping, Prototyping and Business Modeling.
Learning a practical tool by doing it that you can apply from next day back in your job. A fun experience is also guaranteed!

Wellbeing.png2. WELLBEING DAYS

We all know the importance of work-life balance. The health of the employees is key for good performance. Make sure you’re investing in your team by giving them the tools to help themselves physically and mentally.

Calming the monkey mind, getting active, eating well or building resilience. With professional help, you can build an agenda catering for different needs and exposing your employees to the overall topic of well-being.

Some content examples from WeWent for Wellbeing Days:


Unfortunately, there’s no escaping stress in today’s day and age. Because of that, it’s important to recognise the symptoms and the causes of stress. It’s also vital to understand why it’s important to address it. This stress management workshop offers vital information and advice about stress and how to make positive changes in your team to improve wellbeing. If your work environment is a bit too stressful, this workshop is perfect for you!


Start with a warm up, improve posture, perform basic strengthening and balancing postures, stretching/flexibility exercises and end the session with a well deserved relaxation. The teacher will explain the most basic postures of yoga and how they can improve the general well-being of the employees. Explore some gentle stretches which can be done on a chair, perform some easy and simple breathing exercises and have and introduction to mindfulness practice.


We provide nutrition talks and workshops to help understand the basics of nutrition which are essential for good health and well-being.

Good nutrition can support improved mental well-being, promote good sleep and increase energy, improved wellness means better work performance, increased confidence, customer engagement, resilience and general ability to cope with decisions, feedback and change.
We help you to positively influence employee attendance, engagement, productivity, motivation and loyalty resulting in greater employee satisfaction, reduced absence and a healthier, happier workforce!


Gamified fitness. We organize immersive team games for your team and your company. Not everyone enjoys going to the gym, crossfit or yoga, however we believe everyone wants to have fun. So we have mixed exercise with playing games we used to play as kids in the playground or at summer camps. Our games are purely team based as well as being enjoyable, they are highly tactical so promote strategic thinking, team work and communication.

Xthons3. X-THONS

Hackathons & ideathons may be popular in the startup scene, but with a few adjustments, corporations are capitalizing on hackathons too. Most often it is a 24-hour event where employees form teams to problem solve relevant issues. These teams are then able to present their ideas to the business with a strong case and even a working prototype. They are used to encourage change and focus on delivering results. Companies are using hackathons in creative ways. Not only to solve employee or industry problems but also for recruitment. The applicants can go through a hackathon to prove that they are skills are the best for the position in a limited time.

A content example from WeWent for X-thons that can be implemented in several ways:


Not all of us need to be entrepreneurs, but we should all have an entrepreneurial mindset. The current digital era is fast-paced and constantly changing. In order to cope with these rapid transformations, the workforce needs flexibility, creativity, communication skills, execution skills, and digital skills at the same time!

After a quick presentation, the attendees are informed about the tools and methods of making the most primitive version of a real-life product. The product can be related to their business, a theme or can be created in free format. The idea is to prototype the journey under pressure.

Hackathons let employees use their co-working, co-creating, presentation and product development skills as well as time management, communication and entrepreneurial skills.



It is clear that companies have to represent their customers internally. Meaning they have to include different genders, body sizes, races and ethnicities in their employee population. Embracing the diversity in your company is not only recruiting resources with different abilities and inabilities but also giving the right tools to employees to accept “others”. Learning and education on this front deserve unique content, tools and workshops on such topics of equality for women, race, ethnicity, and more. Holding a “Diversity and Inclusion” day will increase your companies integrity and will create a better trust environment.

Keynote speakers in this topic are also a great way to raise awareness in the company and learn from others’ choice of experiences. There are tests out there to measure how biased we are when it comes to people of colour or roles of the women at work/home.

A content example from WeWent for Diversity and Inclusion:


This workshop is designed for the female leaders! How can we bring our natural female talents and abilities into our leadership roles? During these extreme experiences, you will leverage and enhance your natural leadership qualities and minimise/counteract challenges that women professionals face.



Nothing beats hands-on memorable experience! Letting your team and company learn about new technologies during bespoke events and meetings can be the best way to interact with the technology and discuss the potential benefits for your industry. Setting such an exhibition will set your companies’ ambition high and will give the audience the image of willingness to innovate and create.

Some content example from WeWent for Exhibitions:


Step into other realities with your team! VRE are the leading VR team building specialists. They have a training background and know how to create engaging and fun team building events. Their expertise is coupled with the latest VR technology to offer forms of experiences and creative team building solutions that are truly out of this world.


We hear everyday about AI, bots and robots. What about really seeing them in action? Applied for your industry. This not only makes the employees understand concepts of amazing experience but also experience them to take the idea further for their branch. The makers workshop providers are happy to set up 3D print shows, robotic arms and other technology applications for you coupled with inspiring keynotes.


There is nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to failure. Everyone fails! Even though most projects fail before they even start,  unfortunately, there’s still a stigma around failing. It’s important for leaders to talk about failure. This helps employees get the courage and motivation they need.

A content example from WeWent for Failure:


FUN (Fuck Up Nights) is a global movement and an event series that shares stories of profesional faiure. To fail is a big part of life, however, unfortunately many companies still don’t want to discuss it. In our FUN events, we coach and curate the stories of members from your organisation, or we’ll find you suitable external speakers.

These are only a few examples of the experience-type days we offer. We can help you design, organize and/or deliver these mixing solution, ideas. Blending external and internal teams. It’s all about purposeful experiences, learning events. Don’t forget to get in touch with us for your bespoke experience!