Help for Provider

How to list an event?

At we welcome all types of providers. From professional full time event companies to individuals who would like to share their passion and start making money out of it by offering workshops. For the latter group requires the provider to be self-employed. It does not matter if you want to organize a cooking classes or teach others how to make graffiti will provide you with platform where interested people can discover your offer and make a booking.

If you would like to list your event you just need to click on “LIST YOUR EVENT” icon in top-right corner of the page and follow 6 simple steps to complete your offer. All of the steps are designed to provide possible booker most complete overview of the event to avoid confusion in booking process for both parties. Please read carefully all of the instructions provided once you follow the process and pay special attention to Event Objective and Event Category selection in Listing overview. Those fields will allow possible booker to easier find your offer.

How much does it cost to list my event?

Listing event on is free. There are no subscription fees or any hidden payments for keeping your event offer on our page.

You might ask: “O.K. but how you make money? Where is a trick?” Answer is very simple. Our business model is strictly related to sales. We charge commision only for the sales you make through site.

Please visit “How it works” section for more details here.

How to manage event calendar?

It does not matter if you have planned holidays or you simply want to take short break and have some time for yourself.. Our site allows you to manage availability and price of any of your events to match your schedule.

If you want to manage calendar of your event simply click on your avatar in top-right corner of the page and go to “Provider section”. You will see a list of all your events available on site. Find an event you want to change and click on “MANAGE LISTING & CALENDAR” icon. It will take you to calendar view or you event where you can edit availability and price for every day. You can also add comments there so it is clear for potential customer why your event is not available on certain dates or why there is a different price.

We strongly recommend you keep your calendar up to date to avoid confusion and cancellations.

How to change payment preference?

You can edit your payment preferences in provider section. Click on your avatar in top-right corner and select “Provider Section”. In section menu choose Payout Preferences. You can decide if you want to use bank or paypal account. In both cases you need to fill in basic information required to make a payment. If you decide to enter both you need to choose default form of payment that WeWent will use to transfer money after event completion.

When do I get paid?

WeWent will release money for an event in no more than 4 week after the event took place. At the moment all our payments are manual so we want to ensure all of transactions are correct. We will do our best to speed-up payment process.


What if I need to cancel a reservation?

As a provider you can cancel a booked event if you need to. However, it will make you a subject to cancellation fees according to cancellation policies. Any cancellation on Provider side will trigger a full refund to a booker and depending on time of the cancellation one of the two possible cancellation fees. Cancellation fee will cover all cost finding an alternative event for a booker as well as fees we need to pay to financial service providers.

If you need cancel an event please click on your avatar icon in top-right corner and select “Provider Section” in drop-down menu. In “Provider Section” menu on top of the page select “Reservations”. This will take you to a list of all reservations where you can select the one you need to cancel. “Cancel Booking” buton is on the right under “View confirmation”. Clicking on it will take you to event cancellation summary where you will be asked to acknowledge provider cancellation policy terms and write a short message to booker explaining reason of cancellation. Cancellation fee will be deducted from your next payout.

For more details on Provider Cancellation Policy please click here.

What if the booker cancels his/her reservation?

In case of event cancellation standard rules based on the cancellation policies will apply. Depending on the policy and time when event was cancelled booker will be granted full, partial or no refund. In case of partial and no refund scenario provider receives payout minus standard commision fee for WeWent.

More details about availab cancellation policies are here. We strongly recommend carefully read through all possible option and considering all cost you will have to cover in case event is cancelled before you choose cancellation policy for event you want to list.

What happens if a booker does not show up to an event?

In case booker does not show up without any further notice event will be considered as completed and standard procedure for payout will apply. Booker will be fully charged for an event, Provider receives a full payout like for a completed event.

If a booker cancels the event last minute standard cancellation policies will apply. Further details on available cancellation policies including “Partial Cancellation”, “Extraordinary Cancellation” and “Exclusion from Participation” cases are available in under Cancellation Policies section on our site.

Help for Booker

Getting started – creating profile on

To start using our online marketplace for booking most amazing team events you need to sign-up and create your profile. To do it you need to click “SIGN-UP” button in top right corner on the home page. Pop-up window will appear where you will be requested to provide some basic information about yourself. Once you complete all required fields click “SIGN-IN” button and you will be taken straight to your bookings dashboard.

You can also sign up WeWent by using your already existing social network account like Facebook, Gmail or Twitter. Simply click on one of the available options under “SIGN IN” section and confirm your profile details. Please be aware you need to be logged in to your social media account to complete this process.

You are now able to book all of the amazing team events available on

I have booked an event on, what’s next?

If you have successfully completed the booking over our page you will receive a confirmation email with a summary of your booking. You can also find it under your dashboard under “Events booked by me” section. By clicking on “View Confirmation” on the right you can review all the details of your upcoming event. (note to Woj, we will change from View Billing to View Confirmation)

If you like to get in touch with a provider to clarify any further details related to upcoming event please feel free to use our platform to do so. We strongly encourage you to manage all of the communication related to booking and event organization process through our platform.

How to edit my profile information?

You can update or change your profile information whenever you feel it is necessary. To edit your profile details you need to log in to Then click on your profile icon in top right corner. In fold-down menu choose “Edit Profile” tab. Alternatively you can also go to your “Dashboard” and choose “Profile” tab in menu on top of the page. Both will take you to “Edit Profile” page where you can change your name, email address, phone number, photo as well as add your birth date and provide further details about yourself if you will.

In this section you can also manage your password, edit reviews, send recommendations as well as edit your public profile information and manage social media account validation. All of those options are available on top of the page next to “Edit Profile” tab.

How can I pay for an event I want to book? provides several options to complete payment process and book unique team event on our page. You can use your PayPal account or credit card. To complete payment please select event you would like to book, choose date and time that works best for you and click “Book Now” tab for instant booking event or “Request Now” for events that needs to be pre-approved by provider. In both cases you will be taken to booking summary page where under section 4, Payment Preferences, you can select option that works best for you. Once you select your preferred payment option and press “Book now” you will be redirected to respective page where you can enter payment information and complete the booking process.

Can I cancel my booking?

Yes, you can cancel booking made on Go to your profile tab in top–right corner and choose “Events Booked by me”. Select the event you would like to cancel from the list and click on “Cancel booking” button on the right-hand side. Pop-up window with cancellation summary will appear. You will be asked to confirm that you understand terms of cancellation policy that applies to this event. Please be aware that depending on the cancellation policy selected by provider different reimbursement payment will apply. We strongly recommend you read carefully policy terms before you complete event booking on

Detailed overview of all policies is available on our site here.

What happens if provider cancels the booking last minute?

If a provider cancels the booking you have made, automatic notification will be triggered immediately per email. In such case you will be fully reimbursed for the transaction you have made.

At we understand it is not easy to organize an event and last minute cancellations can create a lot of problems. We encourage you to contact us directly in this case so we can find alternative event that will suit your needs.