How Important is the Venue to the Success of Your Meeting?

How important is the venue to the success of your meeting_This article has been prepared by our guest writer Natallia Zaremba, Founder and CEO of Zaremba Consulting
Photos credit: Natallia Zaremba

Why it is about the venue? A Venue and its added value for the meeting

To start a discussion about the impact of a venue or a meeting space for a meeting or an event, we need a big picture. What are the objectives and purpose of a meeting or an event today?
Nowadays, while the companies measure the ROI (return on investment), a suitable venue becomes a powerful catalyst.

Engagement, emotions, communication, culture in the team, networking. All relatively new requirements, none of which was familiar to us ten years ago or so.

However, the frame of a meeting is still rather old-fashioned. One of the essential innovations should be new types of venues that support the new requirements.

In my opinion, a venue today should reinvent spaces and materials in comfort and elegance. It’s a space where everyone feels comfy and wants to stay. At a contemporary site or a hotel, it is not only the place to stay but moreover your local expert and partner for a memorable meeting.

_DSC8942What are the central values of an alternative venue?

What are the central values of an alternative and suitable venue for an event or a meeting? Here I don’t necessarily mean a standard meeting function in a hotel but moreover a type of a living room, lounge, salon or apartment as your venue. We still keep in mind, though, that it is up to the state-of-the-art standards.

The main venue’s impacts on the result of your meeting or an event:

  • it helps to facilitate the flow of a meeting
  • it helps to perceive the information
  • it helps to memorize a new experience outside of work routine
  • it helps to achieve additional satisfaction on a more emotional level
  • it helps to be more positive about the company news.

_DSC9890Alternatively, move to nature!

What about moving with your event away from the common meeting space? Go to nature and choose a frame program or local activity with a purpose for your team? It goes without saying that staying in nature simplifies social contacts. You might say, we’ve been doing it for ages. However, there is still something to improve or to consider.
For example, with one of my clients, we go even further whereas we personalize a common frame program. We created an Experience for a team, e.g. Swiss Truffle Experience, which is also listed on the WeWent platform. We put the story of a person in the middle and the activity or the workshop as an add-on. The story as the most powerful communication tool in the world, it builds trust, it engages.

While doing so, we tell the story of the region and its people while keeping in mind the objectives of a meeting or an event. We also evolve memories from your travelling and your childhood and make you interact in an authentic way.

_DSC8431The people we work with are excellent storytellers

Encouraged with a long family tradition deeply rooted in their region, which motivates and gives great role models to others. A story about passion, failure, resilience, stamina, a story about one of us. Being in the role of an innovator and social observer is one of our main tasks today to show a different angle of future evolvements and new approaches related to the current objectives. Finally, driving innovation and redefining expectations is already the purpose.

I’ve been working over a decade in the hospitality and event industry, supervised, converted, joined in numerous meeting and events. Many years of hands-on experience proved the crucial importance of the venue and its careful selection.