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Prepare For Your Survival

Provided by Jeroen Tholen

Can your team plan and prepare for the unknown?


How is their task division, planning, research, and teamwork in new projects? With this “out of the comfort zone” activity, your team must prepare a hike to a given location where they need to build a shelter, prepare food and give one or more ‘survival skills’ workshops. From here they need to fix a new itinerary to go back to the starting point. No GPS allowed! (Other locations can be discussed with the client)


  • Duration: 8 Hours
  • Min. Participants: 6
  • Languages: 112, 116
  • Max. participants: 12



  • Team building
  • Challenge & Games
  • Wellbeing


  • Building Strategy
  • Creating Team Culture
  • Fun
  • Get to Know Each Other
  • Leadership
  • Out of Comfort Zone
  • Physical Movement
  • Problem solving
  • Project Management
  • Relationships & Trust
  • Wellbeing

What to Expect

  • What to expect
  • We will send an email where we explain in detail the activity, give a 'preparation budget', and a list of items that can be 'bought'.
    On this list, we offer information such as; what is the location, workshop map/compass reading, how to build a shelter but also the gear and food needed throughout the activity.
    An option to safe money is through self study or with self brought gear.

    Fun : ***
    Sportive : ****
    Dynamic : **
    Team skills : ***
    Season : All year
    Outcomes: Planning, task division, leadership, stress management
  • What's included
  • Maps and compasses
    Lunch, snack and drinks
    Materials for shelter
    First aid kit
  • What's not included
  • Backpack
    Hike shoes/ clothing
    Weather protective clothing
    Torch (in winter, during shorter days)
    Personal medication
    Transportation to/from activity
    Half a day Introduction with coach/ guide
    Snowshoes for winter, can be rented with Fun and Victory


Provider is based in Switzerland.


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