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What is L&D tasters

What is an L&D Taster?

We are super excited to share with you more details about the NEW format- WeWent L&D Tasters.

We have 4 Experts who will give you a taste of their work and the impact they are creating across workplaces. The theme of the first L&D Taster is ‘Wellbeing & Resilience”.

Here is how it will work – you will first hear 4 pitches from all the experts. They will share a specific business case with us. After pitches, you will be invited to 2 rounds of breakout sessions of your choice where you will get a taste of a session in a 25 min bite-sized format. aims to be a leader in L&D talent sourcing on-demand. So that you,

L&D professionals, can tackle industry problems and find support in no time in these challenging times impacting the world. 

Hear from Aleksandra Potrykus about how L&D tasters will work and how can they can help you.

L&D professionals

Why Join?

  • You want to keep up with what’s offered in the L&D market
  • You want to understand how to create a real business impact
  • You want to experience the offering as a learner
  • You are keen to get to know WeWent experts better
  • You get to address your specific questions directly with the expert

Watch the reactions of Participants for the L&D Taster

Curious about the third L&D Taster? - Watch the Innovation and Agility pitches

[PAST] November: Innovation and Agility Tasters

WeWent’s diverse experts will take you through the industry trends for Innovation and Agility learning opportunities.

Wondering what other companies are upskilling on when it comes to Innovation and Agility, especially now in a hybrid workplace setting? Then save your seat! Since we aim to have interactive breakout sessions we have limited seats.

Meet our experts who you will be able to choose from to have a free session with:

💡 &  – will provide a glimpse at how we facilitate your agile leadership or team development program and the innovation process by combining agile methods that foster collaboration and crowd wisdom.

💡Jonathan Bannister from Make Happy will introduce the Basadur Profile where you will learn how to identify and capitalize on your strengths.

💡Philippa Dengler – will be looking at practical things you can do to boost employability for yourself and with your team

💡Gisela Andrade – will be exploring how you can apply design thinking methodologies and gamification to enhance your employee’s learning experience

[PAST] October: Leadership Taster

Proudly Presenting Our Lineup:

“Emotions and emotional intelligence are at the heart of creating cultures of belonging, care, and recognition and the kind of leadership that we need today.”

Managing difficult conversations with Emotional Intelligence by


“Learn hands-on insights into how HR professionals can give “just-in-time support” to first-time leaders.”

First-time leaders: How HR can support a successful start by Katrin Grunwald


“Find out how to lead modern work in hybrid” by

Curious about the second L&D Taster? - Watch the Leadership pitches

Curious about the first L&D Taster? - Watch the Wellbeing pitches

[PAST] September: Wellbeing & Resilience Taster

Proudly Presenting Our Lineup:

“Mental wellbeing and communication: how starting a conversation acts on prevention.“ by Alessandra Patti, from FindYourWay Coaching.

Explore with Alessandra how to bridge mental wellbeing and communication, how people can get a mental health conversation started at work, and the importance of listening without fear.

“How to Boost Happiness at Work. Happiness is a skill we can learn, even at work” by Aurelie Litynski from Happitude at Work.
Find out how to create a positive work culture. You will learn how to implement a strategy of happiness at work within your team, get some tips on how to boost positive emotions at work, reflect together on what drives us at work, and get tips on how to lead with more positivity.

“Leading through difficult times” by Hulya Kurt from InnKick.
Learn how to support leaders in adopting a safe, trusted working environment where employees can thrive in being their authentic selves and cope with challenges.

“Prototype You – experiment towards work-life harmony” by Wouter Smeets from Prototype You.
Experience a hands-on approach based on design thinking, lean, agile, and peer-to-peer learning, and walk away with actionable insights and interventions to boost your people’s wellbeing.

Are you


  • To meet new Learning experts?
  • To have a valuable bite-size learning experience?
  • To network with HR and L&D peers?
  • To help your organization with latest trends in topics like Wellbeing, Leadership and Innovation?

Get to know new talents who can bring new skills to your employees!

Hear about from others

The way they look at the ‘Future of work’ is open, bright, and inclusive. We asked for their help to design together one of our key workshops this year. Throughout the process, the team really leaned into ‘co-creating’ with us, challenged our views when needed, and gracefully supported us in building a better understanding of our internal clients: A mix of pragmatism and creativity that significantly helped us advance our work as a global leadership communities team. Thank you for your energy and generosity.

Jodi Haenni & Laurianne Sembach, Leadership Development

Our whole team was super happy with the event and everything worked very well throughout the whole process from inquiry to event. Participants have been giving only positive feedback after the event. It was very easy to communicate with the WeWent team and all wishes were filled.

Jenni - Executive Assistant

Our whole team was super happy with the event and everything worked very well throughout the whole process from inquiry to event. Participants have been giving only positive feedback after the event. It was very easy to communicate with the WeWent team and all wishes were filled.

Booster Transform Fitness
Damien - CEO

Our team enjoyed the Workshop very much. The organizer, Aleksandra, did an excellent job with the planning of this event. She tailored everything exactly to the needs of our group which made this event a unique experience.

AbbVie Inc.
Jolanda - Congress Coordinator

WeWent’s team diagnostic helped us understand where we stand as a team, through the eyes of each member and with an analytical approach. We saw our strengths and weaknesses and received tips on how to improve certain things. Very helpful!

Manuele - CEO

A little about us and our why

The traditional models of employment have been broken. We need to equip the human-centric leaders with the tools and peers to move forward courageously to reimagine and reinvent the way we work. We cannot do these without the intervention of Experts in specialized topics, in facilitation or coaching. The world of work agrees. That’s why they are putting the upskilling in the top three of their yearly goals. But how are they supposed to access the diverse talent in their domains?

WeWent was established in 2017 and since then has become a trusted marketplace for future skills workshops. Switching to the Network model from fee based model, we dedicate our ongoing support to the Experts and we are now promoting our Experts stronger than ever with a clear guidance. So we can change the workplaces faster, better and together.

WeWent has also established “Shake up the Workplace! A future of work ecosystem” in 2019 and grew a community of 4000+ participants and followers across channels. is dedicated to leverage the knowledge of WeWent Pro Experts in its Shaker Academy and interactive events.

A little about us
who is L&D taster is for?

Who is it for is on a mission to create the best L&D Freelancers network that is full of diverse talent. That means we do not want to have everyone here but the ones that are dedicated to creating an impact in the workplace. And we are here to accelerate your journey.

Who is it for:

inspiring, curious, open-minded…

  • HR Leaders
  • HR Business Partners
  • Team Leaders
  • L&D leaders
  • L&D specialists

Expert network includes strong partners

We partner up with leading and daring organizations to put the Experts at the front seat of the learning and development industry.