Hula, traditionelle hawaiische Tänze


Hula, traditionelle hawaiische Tänze

Meilen - Zürich - Switzerland

AlohaSpirit GmbH

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About the Event

Wir erlernen Hula-Kahiko (alten, traditionellen Tanz) und/oder Hula-Auana (moderner Tanz). Zusätzlich üben wir uns im Chanten und erfahren mehr über die Geschichte des Hula und die Kultur Hawai'is. Hula stärkt. Hula bewegt. Hula verbindet. 

We are teaching Hula-Kahiko (ancient, traditional dance) and/or Hula-Auana (modern dance). In addition, we practice chanting and take you through more about the history of the Hula and the culture of Hawai'i. Hula strengthens. Hula moves. Hula connects.

Event Overview

  •   Min. number of participants:  4
  •   Outdoor / Indoor:  Both
  •   Max. number of participants:  20
  •   Duration:  
  •   Available languages: English, French, Italian, German
  •   Company Name:   AlohaSpirit GmbH
  •   Start time(s):
    8.30 AM
    9.00 AM
    10.00 AM
    11.00 AM
    12.00 PM
    1.00 PM
    2.00 PM
    3.00 PM


  • Price per Person:  $132
  • Cancellation:   Flexible

Booking Type

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Event Category

  •  Original
     Music & Rhythm

Event Objectives

  •  Out of Comfort Zone
     Creating Team Culture

Key Highlights

  What to Expect:

Grundschritte, Basis und Geschichte vom Hula erfahren. Bewegung, Rhythmus, Kraft, Verbindung.

Fundamental steps, Base and history of the Hula. Movement, Rhythm, Force, Connection.

  What's Included:

Tanz, Gesang, ALOHA!

Dance, singing, ALOHA!

  What's not Included:

Nothing is specified.



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