Build a bridge with bamboo


Build a bridge with bamboo

Switzerland - Switzerland

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About the Event

The bridge a powerful metaphor. First you experiment with prototypes, the you decide on what type of structure you trust most. And then you start building the bridge. As a team you create a bridge with bamboo that is so strong that you can walk across it. But who dares to cross it first? Do you trust your co-workers?

Event Overview

  •   Min. number of participants:  20
  •   Outdoor / Indoor:  Both
  •   Max. number of participants:  200
  •   Duration:   2.5 Hours
  •   Available languages: English, French, Italian, German
  •   Company Name:
  •   Start time(s):
    7.00 AM
    8.00 AM
    9.00 AM
    10.00 AM
    11.00 AM
    12.00 PM
    1.00 PM
    2.00 PM
    3.00 PM
    4.00 PM
    5.00 PM
    6.00 PM
    7.00 PM


  • Price per Person:  $31
  • Cancellation:   Strict

Booking Type

  • Contact Request Booking

Event Category

  •  Challenge & Games
     Teambuilding & Ice-breakers

Event Objectives

  •  Reunion
     Problem Solving
     Out of Comfort Zone
     Learning Together
     Corporate Responsibility
     Common Goal
     Change Management
     Get to Know Each Other
     Cross-Functional co-operation
     Conflict Management

Key Highlights

  What to Expect:

An unforgettable hands-on experience in cooperation, an impressive prove of what your powers are if you coordinate your capabilities. A competent coach that provides all the material and know-how that is required.

  What's Included:

Preliminary talk (phone/skype)

  What's not Included:

the location



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