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Trusted platform for Learning and Development experts

Access to certified trainers, facilitators and business coaches.

High quality content and proven formats

The latest future topics from vetted professionals with formats from design thinking to hackathons.

Meaningful activities

Behavioural Learning comes with emotional experience, our providers understand how to make activities engaging and meaningful. So that we don’t just go for bowling or drinks.

Guaranteed lowest rate

Our platform lists the offers on the rate of the providers usual rates. For your customised package contact the provider. Get more information regarding the expense breakdown and if necessary ask for an adjustment.

No additional booking fee

Booking through our platform you don’t pay a booking fee

Less time spent on search and administration

The studies show it takes on average 35 work hours (in the timeframe of 4-6 weeks) for a team leader or team assistant to organize one single workshop or training for less than 50 people. By trusting WeWent external talent pool, you will reduce the amount to 5 hours from start to end.

One supplier and easy invoicing

We hold a space for you to access the prime external talent. So you don’t have to go from one agency to another to find the best learning design packages. We support you from one workshop need to a whole learning event.

Discount for large groups

The per person price applies to small teams. We adjust to the right price for bigger groups and company-wide learning journeys.

We are here for you

Need to consult? Call us or live chat with our expert.

Exclusive offers - curated by us

You want to have something that doesn’t exist? Talk to us. We have the talent network with the right skills and knowledge to put together the dream workshop or event for you.

We also design your learning strategy

You are not sure where to start? You are looking for a more holistic approach for your workforce? Visit our collaborative learning partnership options.