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Machines network. People connect.

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Build relationships that make an impact! Grow your business based on mutually valued, authentic, and genuine relations. Start feeling comfortable when meeting new people. Enhance your communication skills.

The most fruitful business relationships are based on genuine understanding. Stop merely networking. Learn how to provide ongoing value to receive value in return.

During this 5-hour interactive workshop, you will learn what kind of traits you need to develop in order to build lasting and valuable relations in your department, organization, industry, and… life. It’s about how to stay yourself and be successful in business.
It’s about how to look after your contacts, how to care about people, and in time create mutual value.
If you, just like myself, cringe by the mere sound of the word ‘networking,’ but your job description calls for “developing network and contacts to grow the business” then this is a workshop for you!

  • Duration: 5 Hours
  • Languages: English, Polish
  • Min. participants: 6
  • Max. participants: 16

Price per Person: CHF399

Cancelation: Super Strict

  • Out of the Box
  • Team building
  • Future Skills
  • Communication
  • Fun
  • Get to Know Each Other
  • Leadership
  • Learning Together
  • Out of Comfort Zone
  • People Management
  • Purpose & Values
  • Relationships & Trust
Key Highlights

What to expect:

In a comfortable yet interactive workshop setting, you will learn how to engage with people. How to be authentic self and use that as the basis for making valuable and meaningful connections with others. How to sustain your connections, enhancing your professional relationships, and opening up to career opportunities. Real-life examples, practical exercise. Learn the strategies you can use every day for a more fulfilling personal and professional life. WHAT WILL PARTICIPANTS LEARN: 1. Be confident in any social situation — professional or personal. 2. Reconnect with your neglected or forgotten network. 3. Take advantage of opportunities that arise: locally and globally 4. Feel comfortable asking for help when you need it. 5. Always be of value to others no matter their rank and maturity 6. Connect with mentors and drivers of your industry. 7. Generate systems and habits to help you maintain relationships 8. Prepare own, unique narrative to communicate with others

What's included:

- 45 minutes individual, follow-up virtual coaching session - Exercises - Handouts - Option: a chance to practice in a real, business setting situation (i.e business mixer, conference, chamber key-note, etc).

What's not included:

- Room rent for the workshop if needed - Catering for participants (Snacks and Lunch) - Travel costs for the facilitator - Travel costs for participants if needed - Optional: costs of travel and admittance (if applicable) to a business networking event


Provider is based in Zürich.