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Discover values - increase trust

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Values are at the core of who we are, for both individuals and organisations.
Values are not visible but they affect our daily decisions and activities and shape a company’s culture.
Managers and associates that have clarity and knowledge of their own values are shown to have a higher work commitment, better work-life balance, higher management credibility and their decisions reflect organizational values better.

This workshop helps you to bring more clarity into your management teams' priorities which contributes to increased motivation, higher commitment and a better congruence between your organizational priorities and your team's drivers.

  • Duration: 7 Hours
  • Languages: English, German
  • Min. participants: 6
  • Max. participants: 12

Price per Person: CHF315

Cancelation: Strict

  • Future Skills
  • Alignment
  • Change Management
  • Communication
  • Creating Team Culture
  • Leadership
  • People Management
Key Highlights

What to expect:

How does is work? We will align on the values, strategy or priorities that are crucial to your business. Each participant will then start with an individual process where he/she gains visibility on their personal values. We use a dynamic online value ranking for this step. This is done ahead of the workshop. Each individual result is later explored in dialogue. As a next step, we discuss the congruence between personal values and the values, strategy or priorities that are crucial to your business. The result of the discussion is a targeted ranking of values, priorities and behaviors that are tailored to your team. Your team will start to develop value congruence between your company values and their personal values. They will also establish a deep sense of trust amongst each other! The workshop will take a day. Customized versions are possible on request. The workshop can be held at your location, or at a selected location of your choice. The selected room will be charged additionally.

What's included:

- Individual Value ranking for each participant (done before the workshop) - Hand-outs for participants

What's not included:

- Room rent for the workshop if needed - Catering for participants (Snacks and Lunch) - Travel costs for facilitator - Travel costs for participants if needed


Provider is based in Zürich.