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Speaking events are now the place to set a tone for a company. Professional speakers on specialized subjects for keynotes are putting the crowd into the right mode. WeWent helps you to find the best speaker for your events. From astronauts to seasoned professors. To get more information please get in touch with us.

Find Facilitators

You have an upcoming event and you need an expert to facilitate the whole session for your company. WeWent has access to more than 50 experts in diverse subjects to help your teams/audience to be guided in the subject matter and drive a fruitful discussion, mediation or panel.

Design company days

Do you need to design a wellness day, an innovation day, an inspirational digital day or a hackathon for your company? WeWent can easily cover you with selected partners and professional facilitators to get the most out of your subject-themed company day. Our partners will not only amaze but also ensure an entertaining day for the audience.

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