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2015.10 ClaudiaChinello - Claudia Chinello

Business & Poker, let the games begin!

Can learning to play Poker help you develop your business skills?

How can your business teams profit from learning this new skill? We sat down with Poker Business Coach, Claudia Chinello, our featured provider of the month and creator of the Casino Poker Night event, to answer.

The Background

“Negotiating means playing Poker” 

Meet Claudia Chinello. Claudia introduces herself has a poker coach. She discusses with business professionals how poker strategies can help them in their business life.

After her studies, and while already owning her own IT company, Claudia worked as a dealer in a casino.

That’s when it all started.

With her friends, professional poker players, they travelled around the world and played professionally in the Casinos and on the internet. Then she started to give poker courses and realized that top managers are able to learn poker very easily: Negotiating means playing poker! Why not professionalize this?


When Poker meets Business
When Poker meets Business
What’s Unique

The benefits of games have always been known. They help you develop social skills, cognitive skills, logical skills, amongst many others.

In this case, what’s unique, is the innovative concept of transferring poker playing skills to business and strategy skills. With the Casino Poker Nights, your team can learn how to read it’s opponent and test out negotiation techniques.

It’s an original way to bond with your team and get to know each other. Most importantly, what we felt about Claudia’s event’s was a true passion and dedication.

Poker Stories to share

At mount  Pilatus with just five board members of a real estate company, the marketing manager said: “Everything in my life is Poker! I always try to get the best out of everything and pay less for things.” His associates who were friends for years were shocked and while playing poker they discussed ethics and moral, about strategy and self-perception and of course about how you can act in a human way but at the same time not letting others manipulate you.

Or the international recruitment team of one of the biggest Swiss banks. We talked about how to know your opponent better at the poker table. The question was if they actively observe the micro-mimics of their applicants during job-interviews. Four of the six team members said NO, the others said YES, OF COURSE! The following discussion was all about how to watch people in different situations.

What can the people/groups that book your event, expect to get?

Your guests will experience an exciting Poker Night with our authentic poker equipment and our highly professional employees.

Poker is not just an entertaining and exciting game, it can do much more. With Claudia and her team, you will learn how to bring business thinking into the game in a playful way. From the next working day on, you and your employees will integrate their newly acquired poker knowledge into your professional day.

Claudia’s USP is that they are not just poker dealers. They are all very good poker players themselves, and they’ll share their passion for the game. With a poker event they guarantee sustainability – while playing at the tables the teams don’t just listen to the content of the workshop, they really experience it by themselves. The participants work out their learning themselves; the coaches just ask the right questions.

What are typical and not so typical team challenges this technique can solve?

It depends on the team, on what we can work on. After an initial interview, they define who the team members are and how they work together. From that, a goal is defined and the subsequent workshop is designed. It’s like in poker: If you know the goal, you can find a way to reach it. Poker is just a working tool used to get where the team leader wants his team to go. Possible themes could be:

Resilience – how to deal with setbacks

Get to know the team – Who is my counterpart?

Knowing your customers – Who is my target clientele and how can I reach them?

Risk assessment – Put mathematical considerations over the personal ego

The main concern/goal For claudia when preparing  to host a team building event

The biggest focus is to know the composition and characteristics of the team coming to the workshop can be tailored to its specific needs.  The goal is for all participants to remember their experiences at the poker table for a long time to come and to integrate them playfully into their daily work.

If the group is more homogeneous, the easier the preparation. Nonetheless, the more different the participants are, the more exciting and unexpected the outcome of the workshop can be.

Beyond team-building
You can also book “just-for-fun” poker- and casino-events, for aperitifs, for just short receptions or as framework program. In addition, you can find solutions for every budget.

We had a great time with Claudia and we definitely recommend this very original event as one of our personal favorites. Surprise your management and teams with a completely unexpected evening that can make them reflect and work on their observation skills, business skills, negotiation techniques and even on their ability to observe body language!

This event is offered in English, French, Italian and German,

Bookable now through our platform WeWent.com 

Come and join us at the Poker table!

poker and strategy skills
The Poker Table awaits! Let the games begin