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Bring a touch of sweetness to your team at work

We’ve all heard the expression “Work hard, play hard”.

And indeed, why not reward your team with a taste of sweetness. We joined Kadri, to share her passion for chocolate and teamwork.

A Chocolaty Why

” I am passionate about chocolate and love to share this passion with people around me.”

Such was the simple sentence that opened the conversations between us and Kadri.

Three words to describe Kadri and her Workshops

Creative chocolate experiences – just look at these happy faces and beautiful creations!Bring a touch of sweetness to your team at work

It is an amazing feeling to create something with your own hands. I want people to be part of the whole process – to create something unique and be proud of their work.

What you can expect

One thing is guaranteed – an unforgettable chocolaty experience, and a discovery of flavours.
People who book her Chocolate events will experience the whole process of creating chocolate pralines or learn how to taste the best chocolates in the world.

The Chocolate Challenge you will face

In this chocolate making workshop, the challenge is comprised of creating a product, packaging it, and doing its sales presentation. In the end, the teams are energized, inspired and full of delicious chocolate pralines :).

Kadri shared with us her most unforgettable moment…
“Once a group of high managers with suits attended my chocolate event. It was amazing to see the changing process once they could forget about their everyday business and get creative with the chocolate.”


Bring a touch of sweetness to your team at work

Why we recommend this workshop

Most of the people love chocolate but not many know about the whole chocolate process. Creating your own chocolates together with your team makes you aware of the amazing handwork process.

Kadri is on a mission to help people learn the basics about chocolate and chocolate technics before they get creative in teams.
And after the workshop, you can create your own beautiful chocolates at home. Your family and friends will love it for sure.

One of the attendees of the workshop called it a “Sweet therapy”!
We believe such sweet therapy can be the best way to celebrate an end of the year or start a new year with your team!

BOOK DIRECTLY HERE: Chocolate Truffles Workshop or Chocolate Pralines Workshop